Why you will love orange eyeshadow

Orange eyeshadow is one of the best shade for those brown eyed women especially those Asian women. Women with brown eyes can actually use and apply any combinations of eye color make up and still can look great and amazing! But if you are still looking for more shades and colors of eyeshadow that will bring out the color of your eyes more and complement your complexion as well, then I have all the details you need.
In this article you will get to get more ideas on how and what shades and colors of eyeshadow you should wear if you have brown eyes. You will also get to get more useful ideas on what shades and colors you should wear in order to bring out the true beauty and definition of your eyes, what to wear during day and night that will complement your skin tone and the dress you are wearing and most of all on what mood you are in.

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If you have light brown shade eyes, then opt for some wood brown shades and oriental colors such as reds and oranges eyeshadow will surely work best.

If you have light brown eyes and maybe have specks of greens in them the opt for light and dark greens, shades of yellow, orange eyeshadow and gold, shades of purple, silvers, shades of gray, bronze, shades of pink.

This is probably the advantage of a woman with brown eyes. She can actually wear any shades and colors of eyeshadow without looking garish and out of place.

Now if your eyes are of normal brown shade then you should opt for shades of light and dark green, yellows and even orange eyeshadow and golds, shades of purple, shades of red, shades of pink, shades of brown, silvers and grays, black, bronze.

If you have dark brown eyes you should try sunset colors of orange eyeshadow, metallic colors, shades of purple, reds, shades of pink, mossy greens, gold and yellows, black (if you prefer that Goth look!), grays, all shades of brown, bronze.

Women with dark colored brown eyes will surely look great with mossy colors, sunset colors such as those shades of orange eyeshadow and even metallic colors.

Professional make up artists say that women with brown eyes are the easiest to work with because they can actually wear any shades and colors of eyeshadows without looking garish and out of place.

You can freely try any shades and colors I stated above and try to play up with the colors and see how great it will look in your brown eyes. But you should also consider your skin tone when choosing for the right shade and color of eye make up. say if you have pink skin tone avoid shades of pink eyeshadow. If you have olive skin tone then avoid orange eyeshadow and yellow eye make up as well.

Now that you have learned these amazing details about orange eyeshadow, you can now try to apply these on your make up skills.

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