What You Need To Know About White Eyeshadow

There are many ways to improve your look. For one, you can choose the right and trendy clothes that suit your body type. You can also choose the right hairstyle that enhances the shape of your face and features. Using makeup to darken, enhance and beautify your face is the best way to do this.

The use of cosmetics or makeup could greatly change your look. Your features are not only enhanced and made better. The slight facial imperfections you really don’t feel too good about can be covered and hidden. These could be your large pores, a few pimples and the freckles all over your face. Makeup does a great job at improving your physical look by outlining your features and hiding the skin problems that you are insecure about. It doesn’t mean that using makeup can make you look good instantly. You must also know how to properly use it. Applying too little make up might go too unnoticed and will only seem useless. Applying too much of it could make you look older and worse. So you must apply just enough makeup for it to look good. You must also know what colors and shades look best on you. This just means that it entails some amount of practice to perfect your look.

Eye make up is the most difficult part to master. Trying out shades of eye shadow is trial and error. There are a variety of colors to be tried on and some are a bit tricky. They might look good on you at a certain lighting setup and not in another lighting setup. Mixing and playing with colors can be fun and exciting, though.

The use of white eyeshadow is one example why eye make up is quite difficult to master. Not many people look good with white eyeshadow on. White eyeshadow, if not properly blended and matched with other shades is not quite a good sight. It gives a ‘lazy eye’ effect.

To enhance your look, pair snowy white eyeshadow with black mascara. This is the best mix for the winter look. The effect of white eyeshadow and black mascara makes your eyes shine.

The things you will need to look great by using white eyeshadow are a white shimmer eye shadow, brush applicator and a well lit mirror.

The first thing you need to do is to apply white eyeshadow to the base of your eyelid. Make sure to apply it just under your brow. Then put white eyeshadow under your eyes. Not only will it hide your raccoon eyes and other under eye imperfections but will also create an effect that will brighten up your eyes. Just remember to do these by using gentle strokes. Also make sure to make your look natural looking. You can achieve this by making sure the eye shadow is blended properly and evenly. If the area looks like it isn’t fully covered yet, try applying a highlighter with a color that is a darker shade. You will definitely obtain the ‘perked up’ look if you follow these tips.

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