What is the best eyeshadow?

Are you looking for some of the best eyeshadow? Do you exactly know how to wear the right shade and color of eye make up that will not only add up more beauty to your eyes but will also compliment your skin tone and hair color? In this article you will not only get all the details on how to wear the right shade but also what color and shade you should wear.

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For you to get the best eyeshadow, you need to understand first the perfect shades of eye make up that you should wear. If you have brown eyes then you can choose just about any colors and shades of eyeshadows! Women who have brown eyes can actually wear any color and shades and still get amazing and stunning looks! They can wear blacks, gold, yellows and even greens and purples. They don’t actually need to worry about the results since brown is a neutral color and will surely complement any shades. Now if you have blue eye color then go for those gold, silvers and grays. This will bring more effect and drama on blue eyes and probably the best eyeshadow for women with this shade of eyes. Now if you have green eyes, you should opt for golds, lilacs and even browns will bring out the true beauty of your eyes in no time.

Professional make up artists often advised women who are looking for the best eyeshadow to do their own homework. It is important that they compare and test some eyeshadows before they pay for it. Sometimes you even need to invest if you want to get the best eyeshadow available in the market. There are certain brands of eyeshadows that can cost you a lot and usually these expansive eyeshadows have the highest pigmentation of colors. If you have the budget, buy those expensive ones to get more vibrant colors since those cheap eye make up often caked and smudges easily on the eyes after an hour or two of wearing it.

If you want to get the best eyeshadow, you can also read more customers’ reviews. From these helpful reviews, you can determine which makers of eyeshadow will give you your needs and that will not go over board on your budget. There are also free video tutorials in the net today which you can learn how to apply eyeshadows and most of the times, they even mentioned the brand name of eyeshadow they are using. Other resources like magazines and books even include and stated the brand name of the eyeshadow that will work best on you skin type. The only thing you need to do is to check these products out in the net or in your favorite cosmetic shops.

Find more about the best best eyeshadow on Amazon

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