Urban decay eyeshadow reviews

Do you love eyeshadow? Do you love to see and wear different shades of eye make up during your day and night out? But did you know that no matter how beautiful or expensive your eyeshadow is, if you do not know how to apply it right, it can only make you look out of place and even harsh. So in this article I gathered all the important and basic steps on how to apply urban decay eyeshadow.

Since there are wide array of eyeshadow in the market today, you may now be able to choose from different shades and colors that will complement your eye color and skin tone. Plus you may also choose from matte and shimmer finish. There are also glitter eyeshadow that is for night wear. So here are the steps on how to put an eyeshadow

Things you will need:

assorted shades of eyeshadow
Brushes sponge or angled tip eyeshadow brushes
Foam applicator


1. Bright eye make up will help make your features stand out in night especially when spotted with lower or dim lights. It is advisable to wear bright eye make up during your night out. Bright eye make up during daytime will look misplaces and even harsh.

2. If you are really up to wearing bright eye make up then make sure that your clothes have simple patterns and colors as well so as not to make your feature looks too much or overreacted.

3. Intense brown shade will surely make every blue eyed women stand out. Know exactly what shade of eye make up will make your eyes stand out.

4. The first one should be the lighter, then the second one should be a bit darker from the first one and the last shade should be the darkest shade of all. Always get three complementary colors for your eye make up.

5. It is important that you blend all the shades you will apply on your lids. This will avoid any visible crease line from the eye make up. Don’t forget to blend in the shades.

6. To make more drama on your eyes, try to extend and blend in the colors all the way out of your lids. Using a brush or a foam applicator, apply the medium shade on your lid.

7. Finish your eye make up with two coats of mascara.

When applying urban decay eyeshadow, it is important that you pick out the color and shade that will bring out your best features such as your eyes. There are lots of articles and even free videos on how to put on an eyeshadow which you can easily find in the net. There are also magazine that provide eye make tutorials. Just make sure that you have all your materials which I already stated above so as to make your eye make up application a lot easier and fun!

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