Tips for finding the best 120 color eye shadow palette

A 120 color eyeshadow palette is a must-have of every woman who wants to reinvent her look everyday. In make-up, eyes are the focal point. The best way to get noticeable eyes is the right choice and blending of color in eye shadow. A 120 color eyeshadow palette provides a variety of colors to choose plus the order of hues for easy blending. Achieving a perfect look for the eyes comes with the right color choice and proper blending. Choose shadows that brings out the color of the eyes and make them stand out. In blending, start form the lightest going to the darkest shade. Three colors may be enough. The base is usually the lightest. Then the main color is for the crease and the darker color for the lids of the eyes.

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In applying eye make-up, there are different looks which are appropriate for different occasions. A smoky effect gives eyes a dramatic look that can be suited for evening events. The key to achieving smoky eyes is blending of colors. A 120 color eyeshadow palette gives the order of color from darkest to lightest and therefore makes the choice of colors convenient for the user. In daytime, a more natural look is recommended. In achieving a natural look, two colors must be chosen. One must match the color of your skin and a darker shade for the crease of the eyes. Color choice is not a problem with having a 120 color eye shadow palette.

Other things to consider in applying eyeshadow are the colors of the eyes, skin and hair. Eye shadow colors must match these parts. For example, pastel colors are appropriate for people with fair skin and light hair. Blue, pink, gold and orange tones are suited for brown eyes. Different shades of green and purple are for green eyes while brown and rose shadows for blue eyes. Having the 120 color eyeshadow palette gives the user a variety of color options to mix and match and an easy way to blend and play with different shades.

Eyeshadows do not only complement and glamorize beautiful eyes but they also help hide eye puffiness and imperfections. In order to hide eye puffiness avoid using frosted, light and white-colored eyeshadows and instead opt for matte colors. To hide imperfections, after applying concealer, choose the lightest color and apply it in the entire area from the lash line to the brow line to outline a smudge-free look. If you want your eyes to be noticed, do not match the eye shadow color with your clothes but if you want your make-up to be noticed, match your eyeshadow color with the color of either your eyes or clothes.

Wearing the correct eyeshadow color makes the total make-up look complete. Since the eyes are the windows of the face, it is important to highlight eyes with the proper shade that matches the proper occasion and the appropriate look you want to achieve. With a 120 color eyeshadow palette, color choice and blending is not a problem. It provides organization of variety of shades to choose from in one container.

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