Tips and tricks about Yellow Eyeshadow

The eye shadow is essentially the heart of an eye make-up. The strength of the eye shadow color promotes the eyes. And in one way or another, it addresses the hidden feelings of the eyes. A yellow eyeshadow might suggest a vague yet provocative thought. The color yellow itself means caution and hope, being used as a school bus, yellow ribbon, yellow smileys and sunshine, which also connote happiness and cheerfulness. On the negative side, yellow means cowardice, jealousy or deceit.

The yellow eyeshadow goes well with brown or hazel eyes. The dark tones of yellow are chrome yellow and mustard, while light tones are lemon yellow and gold. Yellow eye shadow is best on a long white dress, like that of a bride, an angel or a goddess. Dark or light tones doesn’t matter, the aura is holy and very promising to withhold. It exceeds the unexplainable elegance where it rooted from. But normally, a yellow eyeshadow is combined with other eye shadow color to give more definition. Mauve, copper, orange, olive green or violet are all appropriate color addition. These colors break the delicateness of yellow. It is a stain mark on its purest form.
The yellow eye shadow lightens the skin tone. Brown to dark skinned individuals can flaunt nicely with yellow eye shadow. The wardrobe creates little impact on the whole attitude. Yet, social grace is out of the question. Wearing appropriate outfit in all occasions is a must! Yellow eye shadow may not be needed every day but it can contribute much during Halloweens. Yellow eyeshadow is for costumed characters like clown, banana, transvestite, puppet, wench, etc.

Yellow eye shadow makes a fabulous accent. Wear it on black velvet dress paired with bright yellow pumps and oversized necklace. Style big curls on the hair, put on jade pencil cut dress, heavy buckled gold belt, and strappy platforms. The yellow eyeshadow pleases both classic ensembles. Aside from plains, a yellow eye shadow turns up brilliantly on prints too. A floral sheath dress showing off the curves or a lion-printed drop-waist strapless dress works fairly enough with a yellow eye shadow and nude lipstick.

A yellow eye shadow favors with either champagne lipstick or glossy nude lips, for brown to dark complexion. For light complexion, on the other hand, a yellow eye shadow favors with pearly red or dark orange lipstick. No touch of blush or bronzer anymore.

Overall, a yellow eye shadow is perfect for the classic attire (in black, white, brown, or dark green). Tie it up with yellow accessories, bag or shoes to complete the package. Printed dresses depend on the color and the amount of prints on it. Not all can go pleasantly with yellow eye shadow. Only neutral colors and earth colors on small prints, while pastel or bright colors on bigger and lesser prints are encouraged. Lastly, yellow eye shadow cannot be use on a regular basis but yellow eye shadow is a significant make-up for whimsical characters.

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