The Right Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Do you love experimenting eye make up that will bring about the beauty of your eyes? Do you know exactly what shade of eye make up to choose and apply that will add up more drama on your blue eyes? If not then this article will surely help you out.

If you are on of the many blue eyed women who are having troubles finding the right eye make up, then this article will give you new ideas that will surely help you a lot. Though many did not like the idea of blue eyes wearing same shade of eye make up, there are now more great ways to do it nowadays without looking too harsh or misplaced. It is just important to determine the right color that will suit your eyes, skin tone and hair color.

As we all know eye make up can make every woman’s features to stand out. Though some prefer to wear their favorite shade, this should not be your rule as there are some shades that will not suit your skin tone and eye color. Instead of making your features stand out, it will make your feature misplaced or harsh. It is important not to match the shade of your eye make up exactly to the shade of your eyes. Like for example, if you have deep blue eyes, it is advisable to wear something light like icy blue. This will surely enhance the face and will make the eyes stand out.

Below are the tips you need to follow if you want to get the best result from your eye make up.

1. Since blue is categorize as cool tone, it is important to choose warm tones of colors such as tan, browns or even taupe. You can also choose some shades of peach as this shade will make a great contrast to any shade of blue eyes.

2. To make your eyes stand out, apply some brown or rich tan on your eye lid. Warm tones such as tan, taupe and rich brown are the direct contrast of blue so this will surely make your eyes stand out.

3. It is always nice to pick darker shade of blue as your first shade. Make sure not to pick the exact color or shade of blue that will match your eye color. As I stated above this can make your feature appears more harsh or misplaced. Navy blue or any dark blue shade of eye make up will goes well with any eye color. This will bring about the beauty of your eyes as this makes it more dramatic and bolder.

4. For nighttime, try some lavenders and purples. For daytime, try some natural tones such as warm browns and tans.

Make sure to follow these simple tips on how to wear the right eyeshadow for blue eyes to get the results you want.

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