The Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial You Need

Eye make up can help enhance the beauty of any woman’s face. Applying eye make up can help make the eyes stand out and appear more attractive. But there are some women who like to wear their favorite shades; this is not the proper way to do it. When applying eye make up it is important to consider the color of your eyes. But make sure not to match your eye make up exactly on the shade of your eyes. This will only make your eye make up more noticeable than your eyes. It will not make your eyes stand out.

For instance, if you are blue eyed then there is a particular blue eyeshadow tutorial you need to follow in order to make your eyes appear more attractive and appealing. This tutorial will also make your eyes stand out as the shade of the eye make up will perfectly blend in.

Here are the simple things you need:

Different shades of eye shadows
Eye shadow brushes
Eye liner (Charcoal or black)


1. Your base should be warm tones. Since blue is categorized as cool shade, then this can surely help enhance and make you eyes stand out. This will be possible if you will use warm tones as your base. You can choose taupe or peach colors as these two will provide great contrast to blue eye shadow.

2. Apply dark or rich shade of browns on your eye lids to help make your blue eyes stand out. The direct contrast of blue is warm shade of brown so if you will apply this on your eye lids, then this will make your eyes stand out more.

3. It is advisable to pick a darker shade of blue such as navy blue eye shadow. As a general rule, it is advisable not to pick the exact shade of eyes shadow that matches your eyes. If your eyes have lighter shade of blue then go for darker shade of blue eye shadow. If you have dark blue eye shade then go for something light in your eye make up.

If you will wear blue eye shadow that will make you’re your eye stand out, opt for darker shade. Darker shade of eye shadow is ideal to any shades of blue eyed women.

4. Next line your lids with soft black eye shadow or with deep brown. This will define your eyes more and will provide a softer look than by using eye liner.

5. Always use light strokes when applying eye make up.

Simply follow this blue eye shadow tutorial and you will surely achieve the look you desired. Just be sure to wear the right shade at night and day time wear.

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