The best eyeshadow tips

As we all know that the windows to our souls are our eyes. Somehow, this old saying is true as we can almost see and read what the other person is thinking while he is speaking to us through his eyes. As our eyes is the most prominent part of our face and often use for communicating none verbally.

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Given that the eyes are the most prominent part in our face most people often notice first, women are now more conscious on how they can even make their eyes stand out. As we know, there is nothing more beautiful than to have attractive and mysterious eyes. So I gather all the amazing eyeshadow tips I can get from magazines, make tutorials and even in the net. Enjoy!

Here are some great eyeshadow tips for you:

Tip #1: Blend it well
One of the keys for you to have perfect colored eyelids is how you blend the colors well. The color of your eyes should flow well with the colors or shades of your eyeshadow. It should make your eyes stand out. The three shades, the base, the main color and the highlighter should all go well together to create perfect colored eyelids. You need to apply the base color first up until your browbone then apply next the main color of your eyeshadow up just under your browbone. Blend it together before you apply the highlighter on your lids. Then blend again.

Tip #2: Bring the true colors of your eyes
If you haven’t tried wearing eyeshadow before then now is the right time to experiment and practice your skills. Bear in mind that you need to make your eyes stand out by complementing your eye color or applying contrast shade to it. Both ways will surely intensify the beauty of your eyes.

Tip #3: Apply light shade on your browbone
If you want to color your browbone, then opt for the lightest shade of eyeshadow. This is one of the most important eyeshadow tips I can give you. You can choose from gold, taupe, peach or even light tan to color your browbone.

Tip #4: Highlight your eyelids
It is important that you highlight your eyelids carefully. Make sure that you blend the last shade up until the outer portion of your crease. If you will apply the highlighter close to your lashes, you will end up looking like a beady eyed thing!

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Tip #5: Use a primer
Eyeshadow primer is a must as this will help and make your eyeshadow to stays in place for hours. Primer can also prevent your eyeshadow from getting caked and smudge.

Tip #6: Be careful with the shimmer eyeshadow
Though this shade of eyeshadow can actually bring out the true shape of your eyes, too much of it can also bring out fine lines and wrinkles on your lids. So be careful not to apply too much of the shimmer eyeshadow.

If you want to achieve the look you want then all you have to do is to follow these simple but very effective eyeshadow tips.

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