The Best Eyeshadow Techniques

As we all know, our eyes are the most common part of our face that people often notice first, so it is important that we take care of them. This includes ways on how we apply and wear our eyeshadow. Since eye make up can actually bring out the true definition of our eyes, then it is important to apply our eye makeup with care. We need to consider our skin tone as well as the color of our eyes to help us choose the perfect shade and color of eyeshadow that we are going to wear. Get all the eyeshadow techniques you need in order to achieve the perfect look you want for your eyes.

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Eyeshadow technique
Frankly, there is no such thing as beautiful eyes. Each of us has beauty locked inside that only needs the right kind of push for it to spread its wings. Just like our eyes, it does not matter whether you have small Asian-like eyes or wide cat-like eyes. The secret to bring out the beauty of your eyes is how you apply your eye makeup. It is important that you wear the right shade of eye make up that suits your skin tone and eye colors. You also need to know the texture of your skin. If you already have fine lines and wrinkles on your lids, then try not to apply and wear shimmer eyeshadow because this will only make the crease line visible.

Here are some eyeshadow techniques that will surely help you out:

  • Those with small eyes: Don’t use too much dark eyeshadow or eyeliner. It can only make your eyes look even smaller. Try to apply a lightweight color on your eyelid, then use a darker color in the crease. Use a highlighter underneath the browbone.
  • Those with giant or saucer-like eyes: Wear darker shadow on your eyelid and then extend it to the crease line of your lids. Use a flat shade of eye makeup underneath the browbone to give more highlight.
  • Those with deep-set eyes: Try using light colors and shades of eyeshadow on the eyelid and just beneath the browbone. Use a medium color eyeshadow within the crease line. Emphasize the outer corners of your lids with darker shadow.

These simple eyeshadow techniques are very easy and simple to do. If you want to know more eyeshadow techniques, then you can always go and check the Web for free video make up tutorials. From there, you will surely learn how to apply and wear the right colors and shades of eye make up that will bring the true beauty of your eyes.

Find more about the best eyeshadow techniques on Amazon

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