The best eyeshadow sets

In applying make – up, it is important that you must flaunt your best feature to have the stunning look you want to achieve. Mostly, the eyes play a great role in making the make-up look more noticeable. But what if your eyes are not your best feature? Several eye make – up tips are available in televisions, magazines, flyers and in the internet. But another factor is also important if you want to have an “eye-catching” look.

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For the look of a typical, working woman, eye make-ups are often missed out since aside from the fact that it is time consuming, some would consider it the most difficult to apply. That is totally not true. All it needs is practice and the right eyeshadow sets.

There are different styles of eye make-up appropriate for different occasions. But if you want to go for that natural everyday look, it could totally happen. All you need are the right kind of eyeshadow sets. Use eye shadow sets with three shades. The lightest shade would serve as the base and should be applied to the entire eyelid up to the brow bone. The medium shade to the eyelid area only and should be properly blended to the base. The darkest color would be applied at the base of the eyelashes and make sure it properly outlines the eye. In choosing the colors, go for a neutral one that also can be use for day time. Sante Cosmetics eyeshadow sets are the perfect brand to use. They are free of asbestos and it is made from organic ingredients which includes jojoba and chamomile. It comes in the colors: Eyeshadow Trio Rose, Eye shadow Trio Aubergine, Eyeshadow Trio Ocean Blue, Eyeshadow Trio Natural Green and Eye shadow Trio Rosewood. All these products come in three levels of colors that can be perfectly blended with each other. If you want a more dramatic look, go for an elegant smoky eye. The key to achieving the perfect smoky look is blending. The eye shadow sets recommended for this is Bare Escentuals’ Smoky “V” Eye Tutorial. These eyeshadow sets come with a detachable tip card that contains the simple steps of make-up application. It includes: Eye shadow in Pacific Heights (Gray Lavender), Glimmer in 1990s (Bronzed Brown) and a double ended Smoky V brush. Other available brands of eye shadow sets are: Clinique Pair of Shades Eye shadow Duo which comes in the colors of (Ivory Bisque-Bronze Satin; Seashell pink-Fawn Satin; Twilight Mauve-Brandied Plum); Avon’s mark Making Eyes Eyeshadow Duo; Avon’s TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad which not only comes with four levels of color that are easily blended it also can stay up to 12 hours.

With all these eyeshadow products available on the market, who would say that looking beautiful is difficult and time consuming? If you want to look good, always remember that make-up enhances your beauty. The eyes are the best feature you can bring out in order to for your make-up to look the way you want it. All it needs is the skill to blend in colors and the perfect eyeshadow sets.

Find more about the best eyeshadow sets on Amazon

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