The Best Brown Eyeshadow For Your Eyes

J.Lo with brown smoky eyeshadow

Eyeshadow colors reflect the mood and feelings of the person wearing it. It also shows the personality of the wearer and the aura she wants to show to the people around her. For a fun and exciting look, it is suggested that you wear bright colored eyeshadow. Neon eyeshadow is used for a funky and trendy look. Neutral eyeshadows like brown eyeshadow and metallic like copper eyeshadow are used for formal and business-like events and gatherings.

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The use of brown eyeshadow is highly suggested if you want to have a simple yet classy look. You couldn’t go wrong with this eyeshadow color. Brown eyeshadow is especially recommended for those who have brown eyes. It highlights the eyes and makes them look and appear brighter.

For those who are just starting to experiment on their look, they can try using brown eyeshadow first. This doesn’t need any downplaying of other facial make up accents. Since it is a neutral color, it could go well with almost any cosmetic shade. It also won’t affect the color combination at all.

Brown eyeshadow also looks best if paired with two coats of brown mascara. Anyone can definitely look good with this. This is definitely a must have color.

Most people use brown eyeshadow to highlight eye creases and to only outline the eyes. This color is actually best described as ‘earthy and used by those who want to stray away form the limelight.’

For a more natural, classier and more dramatic brown eyeshadow look, you have to choose the best shade and tone of it that best suits your skin color and eye color. You can combine it with metallic and shimmery brown eyeshadow to keep yourself from looking plain and dull. To make your look more vibrant, you can also add some glitters to make you look more dramatic.

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To apply the eyeshadow, use a base to make it last longer. Start applying by starting from the lash line until the brow bone. Make sure that everything is blended well and that there are no crease formations on your lids. It would also be best if use an applicator or a brush rather than your fingertips. Choose to use the applicator with a wide flat head. Dip it first in water but don’t soak it. Just dampen it a little.

Don’t forget to use black eye liner to trace the outline of your eyes. Also use mascara. Two light coats of it would create a better result. For added polish, you can dab highlighter on the area of your brow bones and the corner of your eyes to achieve a classy and dramatic look. This will create a better texture on your lids. Just make sure that you blend eyeshadow and highlighter well.

If you find your look a bit dull, you can always add another application of brown eyeshadow. Just make sure that you blend it well. You can also opt for smoky brown eyes. You could refer to eyeshadow tutorials on line for a better application of it.

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