The best bright eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadows are a form of self-expression. Its effect on the eyes greatly influences the whole make-up, and the personality. To transform into something outrageous or funky, perhaps a retrospect image of the 60’s and 70’s era, bright eyeshadows are what you need. A bright eyeshadow is flashy, psychedelic or eccentric. Bright eyeshadows only fit in runways and magazine shoots. They can be head-turning and attention-grabbing. A bright eyeshadow equals to neon colors and rainbows too.

Bright eyeshadow colors are interesting to work with. Start by gathering all your eyeshadow colors. Mixing and matching any bright eye a shadow color is fun. You will be amazed with the turnout combination. There are endless possibilities so try to be inventive. A bright eyeshadow brings out the artist in you. Before painting the eyes with bright eyeshadows, there are things to remember. Always consider the shape and the color of your eyes, your complexion, and the color of your hair. You may either want your eyes to appear subtle or bold. Use an eyeshadow primer to enhance the shadow color and to create a crease-free finish. Cheaper eyeshadows fade off easily due to less pigment load. Opt for matte shadows than shimmery ones to recognize the bright eyeshadow colors when placed on the eyes. Shimmery shadows tend rub away the brightness. For the glittery finish, sweep softly a nude shimmery shadow all over the shadowed area. Curl the lashes, coat with mascara and keep the rest of your make-up simple.

No strong lipstick, just neutral.

A bright eyeshadow is recommended on evenings. A bright eye shadow during daytime is too loud and misplaced. Bright eyeshadow accents the eyes by mismatching the eye color and the shadow color. For blue eyes, use fuchsia, a combination of burgundy and purple on the inner lid, or tangerine with streaks of gold and sea green. The key for choosing more than one shadow color is to dominate on the darker hue (that is, burgundy and tangerine) as contrast to the eye color (blue). Green eyes stand out with purple and lavender colors, or with a lilac and copper combination. Hazel eyes look intense with pale yellows and deep greens. For brown, amber and grey eyes, use turquoise, lavender, spring green and purple. A mixture of pink and turquoise or lavender and teal, or even a trio of violet, lime and yellow are good bright eyeshadow contrasts for brown, amber and grey eyes respectively. Using a liner brush dipped in water, tap a line on the bottom lash line with any bright eyeshadow colors from the eyelid. Attain desirable results by applying the lightest shadow color on the brow line as a highlight, while the darkest color on the crease of the eye as an outline. Extend the shadow color on the outside corner of the eyes and blend seamlessly. For your wardrobe, stick to plains and classics. A black halter dress or a white ruffled dress is chic and partner it with your gold stilettos.

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