The best asian eyeshadow

Most Asian women have really small, chinky and dark eyes. These are the facial parts they really want to enhance by using eye makeup. Actually, Asian eyes are already naturally beautiful but could be enhanced and made to look better by proper eye make up techniques. To enhance the asian eyes, there are certain rules for application and different asian eyeshadow suggestions.

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The things needed for enhancement are base, translucent powder, two colors of asian eyeshadow, eye primer, brush for shading and a brush for blending. With these at hand, the first thing to do is to choose two shades of eyeshadow that complements the skin tone and dark brown eyes, most Asian women have. Most Asian women have naturally black hair so they could always do away with having two colors of eyeshadow. To be on the safe side, choosing to use neutral colors like brown, light brown, beige and taupe could be the better option.

Asian eyeshadow are very easy to blend because at most instances, they are the neutral shades. Neutral shades look really well on the asian eyes. Asian eye shadow are also more specific. The use of the a lighter eyeshadow shade is always better because Asian eyes are usually small.
Before application, you need to put on a base or eye foundation first. This will cover the fine lines and dark eye circles forming under the eyes. To do this, you must blend the foundation well on your eyelids by doing gentle circular motions using your fingers. After doing so, dust your eyelids with translucent powder and eye primer. These will make the eyeshadow last longer on eyes.

For the actual application, it would be best if you use an applicator or a brush to avoid eyeshadow smearing and dusting on the the wrong places. Since there are two colors of eyeshadow, you have to make sure that you apply the lighter shade first. Apply this shade all over your lids. Don’t make a mistake of applying the darker shade first. This will only make the asian eyes look smaller. Make sure that you cover the whole area of the eyelids with this lighter shade. Start from the inner eyelids going outward toward the area below the browbone. Blend the eyeshadow well. You will know it id blended well if it leaves a smooth and finish.

After the lighter shade application, you could apply the darker shade. The darker eyeshadow shade serves as an accent to the Asian eyes. Only apply the darker shade on the crease of the eye to create an illusion of crease. Most Asian women have no eye creases. The iollusion of a crease makes eyes look bigger, giving the Asian eyes a brighter and wide-eyed look. So, start from the inner crease going outward and make sure this is blended well again. Use the brush or applicator to so so for a smoother and even finish.

The last things to be applied on are the mascara and the eyeliner. These help outline the eyes. It gives the asian eyes a better and brighter look too.

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