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How to apply purple eyeshadow

Did you know that one of the best shades of eyeshadow for smokey eyes is purple eyeshadow? You can wear this shade even during the day without looking out of place. So I gathered below all the details you need to know on how to apply purple eyeshadow. If you know how to apply purple … Continue reading

Eyeshadow Application

I always have my eyes on this particular make up since I started using it when I was in college. Every time I go to the mall, I see to it that I browse the make up aisle looking for those lovely eyeshadow palettes. Each time I go to salon, I always make sure that … Continue reading

Applying Eyeshadow like a Pro

If you love make then you surely also love eyeshadow. Since there are now lots of free videos on how to apply eyeshadow and even magazine and books about make up, you will no longer have to fret when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Imagine you no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars just … Continue reading

Eyeshadow tutorial

Eyeshadow Tutorial Do you love eye make up? Do you own so many color pallet of eyeshadow? If so then you probably have already know how to apply the right shades of eyeshdow. But do you know every stroke you should apply to make your eyes stand out even more? As we all know eye … Continue reading

How to put an eyeshadow

If you want to make your eyes appear more attractive and beautiful then you need first to learn how to put an eyeshadow. This is important as your eyes are the first part of your face most people see when you talk to them. So make sure that you apply your eye make right to … Continue reading

How to apply eyeshadow

Did you know that you can actually help make your eyes stand out? In this article you will get to learn the basic steps on how to apply eyeshadow. You don’t have to go to the salon just to pay for an expensive make over. These steps will surely make you a pro in an … Continue reading