Some unknown tips to apply eye shadow

Eye make up enhances the look of someone. The eyes are the very noticeable part of a person’s face and those are the first things the other person looks into at the very first meeting. Thus, it is important to enhance that part of the face to exude a great effect on your overall look.

Enhance your eyes to give you a better personality at first look. Apply the appropriate make up and don’t overdo. Wear mascara, apply eye shadow and enhance the shape of your eyes by using an eye pencil. Apply eyeshadow to appear vibrant-looking.

You apply eye shadow to enhance your look especially your eyes to make you look beautiful and not to worsen your facial features. To avoid looking like weird, here are a few tips to enjoy the eye make up experience.

Blend shades well. When you apply eye shadow, you must also learn how to blend the powders well. You must use three different colors. The base is usually a very light taupe, then a highlighter for the crease and main color for the lid. The main color is the darkest among the three. To blend them effectively, you must start light then go darker. Apply the base first to the entire eye, then the highlighter for the lid and apply the main color the last. Make sure you dab the eye shadow lightly so you don’t apply too thickly.
Apply eye shadow that emphasizes the eyes. You can apply eye shadow that matches your eyes. You could wear a dark brown shade if you have dark brown eyes. You can also apply a color that contrasts them. For instance you can wear a blue eye shadow if you have dark brown eyes.
Don’t apply a very dark color on your brow bone. This will only result to too much shadow.
Be careful with the color of highlighter you choose. Blend the highlighter on the outside part of the lid and not too close to you eyes.
Choose a great base. The importance of the base is to let the make up stay for a long time. It also determines the extent where you should apply eye shadow on. Always apply until a little below the brow bone.
Stay easy on shimmer. The shimmer highlights the eyes and emphasizes them but they also emphasize wrinkles and heavy lids.
If you want a smoky effect on your eyes, apply eyeshadow only on lids.
Apply white eye shadow near the tear duct to give a brighter effect on eyes.

Follow these tips to avoid looking smudged and swollen. Always remember that like everything else, practice makes perfect even in makeup. So try practicing the look to prepare for an event.

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