Some eyeshadow ideas for you

The color of your eyes as well as the shape of it will be the main basis of what eyeshadow ideas you need to apply on it. Whether your reason for applying eye make up is to hide something on your eyes or to play up more with it, you need first to learn the concept of eyeshadow ideas.

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Before you fully get the amazing results of eyeshadow ideas, you need first to get yourself familiar with the three most important concepts of eyeshadow which are the highlighter, the mid shade and the contour. As we all know the highlighter should be the lightest shade of eyeshadow which will bring out the shape or areas where you applied the colors. The highlighter should be the medium color of the three and this should help bring out the shape of your eyes. Lastly is the contour which happens to be the darkest shade of the three. This shade will cause the area of your eyes to recede.

If you want to look different accordingly to the occasion or to your wardrobe then you don’t need to buy the most expensive eye make up just to get the results you want. You can have those palettes which are usually sold for $20 and get the same results most supermodels get when they applied their eye make up. You see, all you need are some great eyeshadow ideas to play up your eyes. You just need to make some experiment with the shades and colors such as what colors will go best together or which one will mix and match from the others.

So to help you out, I gathered some of the most commonly used eyeshadow ideas that will not only make your eyes stand out but will also give you a lot of fun!

– For a glamorous cat eye look, use eyeliner and line your upper and lower lids. This will surely open up your eyes and make it appear larger. This look is both sexy and polished.

– One of the most in demand trend in eye make up today is the usage of bright eye make up. You can always apply some bright shades of yellow or turquoise blue on your lids and then go for more natural look on your cheeks and lips. This eyeshadow idea is great for day event.

– Now if you are looking for more fun and funkier look, you can always try two different color of eyeshadow and then apply it on the top lids of your eyes.

– Since smoky eyes are loved by most girls, you can play up this sexy and mysterious look. Instead of going for the usual gray and black shade of smoky eye make up, why not use some purple or blue shades on it. This will surely spice up your eye make!

These eyeshadow ideas will surely help you bring out the true definition and beauty of your eyes. With these great eye make ideas, you no longer have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get the professional look.

Find more about the best eyeshadow ideas on Amazon

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