Silver eyeshadow

As we all know silver eyeshadow comes from the long line of metallic color of eyeshadow in cosmetics. Whether you love to wear it with pink, teal or even with black shades the results are always amazing and stunning! One thing is certain and that is there are actually different shades of silver in the market today which is why it is important that you considered the product quality and its pigmentation. Some cheap silver eyeshadow will caked and smudge just after a few hours which is why most professional make up stylist prefer the expensive ones when it comes to metallic shades of eyeshadow to ensure its quality on the skin.

One of the best brands when it comes to eyeshadow especially those metallic ones is MAC. Most supermodels, actresses and professional make up stylist prefer this brand because of its high pigmented colors and shades which lasts for hours and does not caked or smudge easily. The results are fantastic that you will n longer look for another brand of eye make up after you tried MAC on your lids! One of the best silver eyeshadow from this cosmetics maker is called Electra. It is vibrant silver with a bit of shimmer. This shade is very intense but can be worn day or night without looking out of place or outdated. Another silver eyeshadow you can actually is use is called the Forgery which is sterling silver. This one is a great combination for pink and teal eyeshadows. But if you are looking for more platinum and lighter shade of silver eyeshadow then you should go for Filament. These eyeshadows all come in same prices and they are only around $14 which is very cheap. The results are so great that you would be happy that you actually get what you paid for.

Since silver eyeshadow becomes one of the most in demand metallic shades of eyeshadow in the market today. Many cosmetics maker have already come up with their own versions of this shade. One of the most popular shades of silver eyeshadow is called the Silver Fog. This shade is platinum silver pearl. This particular shade can be easily pair up or worn with pink, teal or even with black eyeshadow. Its pigmentation is very intense that you don’t have to worry about getting it caked or smudge after several hours of wearing it plus it is also long lasting. Another great shade which has also a high and intense pigmentation is called the Silver. This one has a high shine of metal silver.

When looking for the perfect eyeshadow, it is important that you look for something that has dimensions not just with the full colors. It is important that you also consider the quality of the product you are going to buy since the beauty depends on it. The product you are going to get should be able to answer these questions: will it last long? For how many hours will it lasts? Will it caked and smudge? Make sure that your choice of eye make up should be able to meet up these criteria.

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