Shimmer eyeshadow

One of the most popular trends in eye make up today is the shimmer eyeshadow. This is particularly popular amongst supermodels and actresses. You can always see this eye make up on celebrities each time they attend some social events such as the Oscars. Shimmer eyeshadow can be worn day and night but make sure that you only apply a little of this eye make up during the day or you might end up a lost disco ball under the sun! Since this is a great evening eye make up, once the light shines on your face, your eyes will surely stands out. So wear it light during the day and then wear it in the night for more flair and drama!

Most professional make up stylist love shimmer eyeshadow because you can just sweep one single color or shade on the lids and voila! Instant drama and flair! But shimmer eyeshadow is not advisable for every woman. If you happen to already have wrinkles or fine lines on your lids then you should stay away from this kind of eyeshadow as it will only make your crease line so visible plus it will make the eyeshadow caked and smudge. This kind of eyeshadow is great on those with firm or tight eye lids as it will go on smoothly as a result, you will notice just how great it is on the lids as it can actually make the eyes stand out and shimmer!

Most every brand name of cosmetic makers has their own shimmer eyeshadow version. Some comes in mini pots which only hold single hue of eyeshadow while there are some that has three to four columns of shades and colors which comes in compact with mirror and a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator. You can also find shimmer eyeshadow from palettes which are now one of the most in demand eyeshadow packaging in the market. You can easily buy any brand names of shimmer eyeshadow from both land markets and online shops and stores. But it is important that you choose the right shade and color that will complement your eye color and skin tone. From these sites you can also get more details about this particular eye make up such as the full product description, even its ingredients are included and elaborated in these sites, price and how you can buy them.

There are lots of product reviews in the net regarding the eye make up, both from the manufacturer and customers’ point of view. But if you will ask me, I prefer to buy my make up from the conventional cosmetic shops in shopping malls. From there you will be able to see and even compare prices and qualities of the products from other products. The sales lady can even test it on your skin to make sure that there will be no any allergic reactions on you.

So if you want to shine and make your eyes stand out even more especially on those especial night events, then settle for shimmer eyeshadows and I’m sure you will shine just like your favorite celebrity!

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