Red eyeshadow

The color red exudes an aura of confidence, bravery and strong personality. It is one of the darkest colors among the primary colors that come out too strong. It is also one of the most favorite of colors. This is because you can never go wrong with red. You can wear a red dress on a formal occasion and still look really elegant because red also exudes elegance and wearing a red dress won’t leave you looking ordinary. It really looks good on a black skirt or black slacks. A red handbag or red shoes can also be worn with a black dress and it completes the look.

In the world of fashion, red is one of the suggested colors for a handbag, a gown, a dress or for a pair of shoes. It doesn’t look drab at all. For makeup, red lipstick is just perfect for almost anyone. It gives your lips a ‘full’ look and makes you look seductive. As for eye make up, red eyes shadow isn’t used very often. Most people say that red eye shadow makes your eyes look tired and swollen. If it makes your lips full, maybe it also looks puffy on the eyes making it look swollen.

For most people, a complete outfit is of a monotone color from dress to handbag to shoes. As for this color, wearing red eye shadow does not quite match with a red gown and red shoes. Going monotone with red eye shadow included isn’t quite advisable. From afar it may look okay especially if you don’t focus much on the eyes. If you look closely, though, red eye shadow makes you look really tired, puffy and swollen, especially the rich red one. But if you really opt to wear red eye shadow, you can mix a little of light brown color. It could make your eyes lighter and it will give you a better effect. The red eyeshadow is very rare on cosmetic shops because not a lot of people like it as eye makeup. Most people who don’t have much experience on make up would look a bit weird if she would opt to wear red eye shadow alone because red eye shadow to make it look great on eyes should be mixed with other lighter neutral colors. Light red smoky eyes look great and playing with red and mixing it with the neutrals could give you this effect.

As rare as it may be, red eye shadows are still looked for in the cosmetic stores. There are just some people who know how to carry the ‘swollen look’ effect with style. They would still look great and elegant with it on.
For people who are looking for this particular color of eye shadow, you can go online and check HOT TOPIC. You can also try Mac red eyeshadow. Mac has a variation of red that is lighter in shade and would look better on you.

So, to sum up, here are also a few tips to wear red eyeshadow:

1. Choose the right kind of red. Opt for the lighter shade.
2. Mix red with another color like charcoal or black or brown. Topping it with shimmer on the sides will complete the look.
3. To also avoid the ‘swollen look,’ apply thick layers of mascara.
4. You can wear it as eyeliner.

This is such a perfect look.

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