Pink eyeshadow

In today’s fashion, colors are vibrant and expressive, and one predominant color is pink. Pink is all around. There are a lot of pink stilettos, pink tank tops, pink drapes, pink ipods, etc. The color pink is typically associated to femininity, as girls are pink and boys are blue. But the modern age does not limit the choice of pink to one gender alone. Guys already wear pink button down shirts, pink caps, and pink sling bags. Pink eye shadow also speaks attitude. Our daily face to face encounters with people allow us to see their eyes, which they say, are the windows to our soul. With make up on, it is the eye shadow that emphasizes the eyes, where smoky eyes become a trend.

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For starters, eye shadow is applied on the eyelid to the brow bone. It comes in different colors and shades, either powder or liquid, and with a brush or a sponge. Eye shadows are usually sold in sets, consisting of different colors which are necessary for application. Use at least three colors. Start with a base color which is the lightest among the three and apply it all over the area. Follow the medium color shadow on the eyelid and the highlighter or the darkest color above the second color under the brow bone. Improper blending can mess up the total effect. Make sure to spread the darkest color on the crease of the eye and mix it only with the medium color on the outside edge.

Black, brown, and blue eye shadows are the most common since these are colors of the eyes. Putting same eye shadow with the color of the eyes brings the color out. Pink eye shadow varies on how defined the pink color is. It can be as light as a pastel or as dark as a metallic, from a pale rose, to carnation pink, to fuchsia or hot pink. Try any of these pink colors and shades that will suit your desired look. You may use taupe or beige as your base. Pink eye shadow can go well be other colors too such as lavender, red, purple, plum, gold, and more. It adds more depth and boldness to your eyes.

Wearing a pink eyeshadow to attend an evening affair is recommended for neutral colored attire. It can be a black tube dress or a white dress with little embroidery or sequins. The pink eye shadow accentuates the simplicity of the clothing. It also manifests a feminine personality to the person wearing it. Add pink bangles or a pink purse to complete the ensemble. Also choosing a pink eye shadow can create a glamorous effect especially when paired with a matching costume. It can project a character like a fairy, a princess, or a Mardi Gras dancer.
A pink eye shadow gives out an extraordinary flair. Distinct to other colors, both plain pink and tri-colored pink eye shadow shows a degree of sophistication and passion. Warmth and emotions are written deeply beyond the artificial layers of cosmetics.

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