8 Eyeshadow Tips Every Woman Needs To Know

Eyeshadow makes the difference between having a tired, worn look and having spectacular eyes that everyone will notice. Whether you are a novice to applying eyeshadow or a seasoned veteran, you can use some eyeshadow tips to help improve your appearance and application style. These eyeshadow tips will help give you the professional but sexy appearance that you have always desired without making you appear overdone.

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1. Quality
One of the most valuable eyeshadow tips that you will ever learn is to purchase quality eyeshadow. Quality eyeshadow is not necessarily synonymous with expensive eyeshadow, however. Purchase a brand that has a reputation for its true colors, smooth application and long wear. Avoid brands that you aren’t familiar with, especially if the colors look garish or cheap. These brands may not last or may not flatter your eyes.

2. Brushes and Applicators
Another one of the eyeshadow tips that will help you to apply your makeup more expertly is to purchase quality eyeshadow brushes. The applicators that come in the compact with the eyeshadow are fine in a pinch, but they do not allow you to the create shading and blending effects that you can create with a brush. Eyeshadow brushes come in many different sizes and thicknesses for different uses. Buy the brushes that you will use. For example, if you like to sweep a light layer of color under your eye at the corner, purchase a brush with a smaller tip.

3. Primer
To use the eyeshadow tips effectively, you must start with an eyeshadow primer. A primer prepares your eyelid by smoothing over the pores. This prevents your skin from absorbing the eyeshadow as well as sets the eyeshadow to prevent it from flaking or wearing off over the course of the day.

4. Color
Choose eyeshadow colors that complement your eye color. Brown or dark-colored eyes look well in blues, purples and greens, as well as smoky grays. Green or hazel eyes look well with green, brown, gray, plum and bronze eyeshadows. Blue eyes are complemented by blue, gray, pinks or smoky colors. Your eye color is unique, so experiment with colors until you find a few that suit you.

5. Blending
Apply a lighter color by the brow line, and use the darker colors in the crease or near the lash line. Then, blend the colors using a brush to smudge the color lines. If you don’t smudge the eyeshadow to make the colors appear to blend together, you will have hard lines where the colors separate. These lines appear amateurish.

6. Use Eyeshadow that is Appropriate for the Occasion
Shimmery or glittery eyeshadows should be reserved for the evening, as should dark or very bright colors. These finishes and colors will look stunning with your little black dress when you go to the club, but they will appear garish in the daylight. For daytime wear, the best eyeshadow tips are to choose lighter or neutral colors that coordinate with your work attire, an to select eyeshadow with a matte finish. These understated options will make you look sophisticated and professional.

7. Coordinating Colors with Clothing
Some eyeshadow tips from amateurs will advise you to match your eyeshadow to your outfit. This isn’t good advice. For example, if you are wearing a bright green top, the last thing you should do is choose matching green eyeshadow or all anyone will notice is the sheer amount of green you have on. No one will see your beautiful eyes or notice your features. Instead, choose a color that goes well with, but does not mirror, what you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a green top, choose browns, pinks, or even plums. These colors complement your green attire without overdoing the green color.

8. Color Palettes
Some eyeshadow compacts come with several shades of similar colors. Use no more than three colors at a time. For example, use a light shade near the brow, a dark shade in the crease, and a medium shade near the lash line. The colors do not all have to be variations on the same shade, however. If you are using a brighter blue or green shadow, for example, you may wish to avoid overdoing the color. Instead of using light blue or green near the brow, use a sheer white or a light gray. These colors will complement the blue or green without blunting the impact of the color by spreading it over the entire lid.

Hope you have enjoyed our top eyeshadow tips!

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