Nyx Eyeshadow: Apply Colors on Your Eye Lids

How would you like to have a nyx eyeshadow? Did you know that even celebrities are using this kind of eyeshadow to make their eyes sand out and appear more alive and attractive on their shows and movies?

One of the most popular eyeshadows today is the nyx eyeshadow. It comes in wide array of shades and forms. You can buy and get this eyeshadow in palettes and even in single shade tube. Since this eyeshadow comes out in the market, many women, celebrities and even make up artists have tried and get satisfied with the results of their make up. Each color and shade of nyx eyeshadow is vibrant and very high in pigmentation.

Now to make you enjoy nyx eyeshadow more, I will teach you how to apply this on your lids that will surely not only make your stand out but it add up more effects and drama on your eyes.

Some important stuff you need:

Two shades of blue nyx eyeshadow
Tan, nude or light beige nyx eyeshadow
Dark blue eyeliner
Silver shimmer powder
Eyeshadow applicator
Makeup sponge
Black mascara
Eyeshadow primer


1. To make your eye make up last especially if you have oily skin, you need to apply some eyeshadow primer first. This will help the eye make lasts. This will also prevent smudges from your eye make and eyeliner.

2. As your base, you need to apply light colored eye make up such as tan or beige. This will help make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Make sure to apply this color up to your browbone. Use an eyebrow applicator and blend the two shades together (tan and blue eye make up).

3. Next apply a thin line of blue eyeliner. Apply a very thin line of blue eyeliner just above your lashes then apply now the blue eye make up. This will add up more drama and effects on your eyes as you apply more layer of eye make up on your lids.

4. Add darker blue eyeshadow on your lids. The darkest shade should be applied on the crease of your lids and then blend all the colors together. Blending is important so as not to leave any visible marks or distinguished lines between all the colors you apply on your eyes.
5. Now add up the last shade of the two eye make up. This last shade should be a bit lighter from the second eye make up you apply.

6. Lastly, apply two coats of mascara to add up more flare and drama in your eyes.

There is nothing more attractive than to see eyes with carefully applied eye make up. No matter how expensive your eyeshadows are, if you don’t know how to apply it right, everything will just be a waste!

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