Neon eyeshadow tips

If you want to add some attitude in your look, you can try using neon eyeshadow. It comes in bright glowing colors of orange, pink, green, red, yellow and purple. It adds a cool and funky effect on your look too. The use of neon eyeshadow if not done right can create a ‘disaster look’ instead of a colorful and fun look. Neon eyeshadow comes out too strong and loud that you must know how to blend and carry it well.

Wearing neon eyeshadow is not for a formal and serious look because they appear too strong. You can’t wear them on very formal business meetings because they really catch attention. You could be really noticed from afar if you wear one especially if you fill up the whole area of your lids. They can be really fun and exciting if you wear them to parties or at funky events. You could add enjoyment and eye candy to the crowd by using neon eyeshadow. Just don’t ever make a mistake of putting too much of it if you don’t want to look like you’re a part of the circus. Visit eyeshadow tutorials on line to have the best neon look.

Here are also a few tips to make use of your neon eyeshadow collection:

  • Apply neon eyeshadow on your lids carefully. Don’t overdo and don’t put too little of it. Use the right kind of brushes to keep the color in the right area of your lid. Wear mascara and eye liner to emphasize outline of your eyes.
  • Match your outfit with the color of your eyeshadow. Always make sure to avoid contrasting colors. Neon colors can only be worn best with neutral color or those that you could wear every day. Try the combination of neon pink and brown. They are a perfect match. Neon pink can also go well with red, pink and black.
  • Don’t wear tops that are glittery and with too much design and prints. Your neon eyeshadow would go unnoticed.
  • Don’t wear sun glasses. Why wear neon eyeshadow if you want to cover them anyway?
  • Use accessories to match your look. Wear the same color of bracelet and bangles to match the color of your eyes. Don’t wear too much of it, though.
  • Wear earrings with colors that match your like. These could add more personality and vibrancy to your overall look.
  • Use big bags to match to maintain the color you chose for your look.
  • You can use colorful shoes too. They add up fun our fashion style.
  • Have confidence. This is the most important tip to remember. Carry your look well and play the part. Have fun and be comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Enjoy going neon. Just as long as you don’t overdo, you’re good to go. All this takes is just confidence and proper knowledge to match same color family. Wear neon and be noticed. Wear neon and add up to the fun. Be an eye candy.

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