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Do you want to be acquainted with extra eye shadow tips? Definitely, the answer is yes! Well then, let me supply you valuable information that will surely help you now and in the future. Having a lot of knowledge about a certain topic is fantastic. Thus, you can then consider yourself as an expert for that specific matter. The eyes as they say is the central point of doing make up. Consequently, certain eye shadow tips are a prodigious help on having a beautiful look and a stunning eyes in particular. Join me, as we discover the surprises of getting yourself a worthy eye shadow tips.

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Most eye shadows tips would start advising that you should know what color would best fit your eyes. Well, I agree! It is always best to know what eye shadow color would best fit you. There are actually some restrictions on the colors that you’re suppose to wear. Lucky are those women who have brown eyes because they can wear whichever eye shadow color they want. But for those gals who has green, blue and hazel you should probably having a problem of what eye shadow color that would suit you best. Worry no more then! First eye shadow tip that I can give you is to go natural! Yes! Always choose natural and simple shades. If you choose for bright or hip colors, be vigilant; they can look unusual unless balanced with other appropriate shades. Be careful because you may go out of elegance as fast as they came in. Second eye shadow tip that can help you, since we are talking about eye shadow colors earlier, then let me continue with the colors once more. When you shop for those eye shadow color shades, try it first and see if it compliments your skin tone and the colors of your eyes. Go for colors that softly contrast with the shade of your eyes – not colors that match them exactly.

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Proper blending is the key; therefore the third eye shadow tip would be buying colors that blend well together. In this way your eyes get to attract attention, and not just any marked lines. Talking about blending, why not try experimenting? Yes! Experiment! That would be our fourth eye shadow tip. You can actually go to a department store cosmetic counter and have your eyes made up by a professional make up consultant. Ask for color blends that could work for day and evening. They are very willing to help you with that, or better yet call a friend that can assist you. So that when evening calls for a trendy look, you will no longer fear on what eye shadow color to choose. It is indeed a great feeling that after you experiment on something it generated a good result. Isn’t it amazing? You can then consider yourself a pro!

Four for all! Follow these eye shadow tips and for sure you’ll get yourself a delight! Go natural! Shop for colors that compliment your skin and eyes, proper blending is the key, and sometimes experimenting can do abundant relief. Remember these four eye shadow tips and stay pretty all the time!

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