More Useful Eyeshadow Tips

These eyeshadow tips will definitely make your eye pop out and make the eyes look beautiful. They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul, and it’s the first thing people notice. Making it look pretty with eyeshadow will do the trick. Eyeshadows comes in a variety of different colours, and are available in creams, powders and pencils. Here are some tips to help you with eyeshadows and to make it look good in your eyes.

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Choose between cream and powder – As said above, eyeshadows are available in both bases. Creams are easier to apply because you can apply it with just one stroke but powder ones last longer and tend to provide a sheer cover. If you will go for the cream eyeshadow, you should apply powder after the cream is applied to increase its staying power.

Use a primer – before applying an eyeshadow, it is best to put on some primer first because this will provide a smooth base that will allow easy application of the eyeshadow and keep it longer. A translucent powder will work as a primer.

Choose eyeshadow colours that will fit your skin tone – it is best to test different colours and wear what you like best but it is also advisable that you wear an eyeshadow that will go with your skin tone so it will still look good.

  • Fair skin – lighter shades will be perfect for women who have fair skin.
  • Olive-toned skin – brown colours will work best. Choose colours that are slightly darker than your skin tone.
  • Golden-toned skin – pale gray, slate blue, purple or pink on the lids will be perfect and highlight the brow bone with off-white shadow and you’re all set!
  • Light brown skin – eyeshadows preferably the colour brown with shimmer will work best. However, you can still use some vibrant colours but make sure there are shimmers in it.
  • Dark skin – an eyeshadow slightly lighter than your skin tone or try using eyeshadows with gold or silver flecks of shine.

Remember: Green eyes look good with purples, browns and bronze, blue eyes look good with peaches, yellow and golds and for brown eyes, anything will work perfectly.

These eyeshadow tips will really help all those ladies out there who needs a few tips and tricks in regards with eyeshadows. Just follow these simple tips and you will surely have the gorgeous eyes ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re sporting an expensive eyeshadow or not, what is important is the colour and the quality. The colour of the eyeshadow should go with your skin tone and the colour of your eyes as well, to make your eyes stand out and be noticeable. Eyeshadow tips will really open the windows to your soul.

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