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In using dark blue eyeshadow proper application and matching must be observe. Blue color belongs to shades that create a cool effect. However, if it’s dark it means a different thing. Most blue colors can create different looks on your eyes. It can be a gothic or emo look, cool look or smoky look. It was noted before hand that eye shadow was first used by Egyptian people. They look awesome because of the dark shades of eye shadows they prefer and one of it is the dark blue eyeshadow.

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The color itself is unique and cool that numerous people favor to use blue shade as a safe color for whatever apparel they wore. Blue is so into nature, it is so refreshing to look at a shade of blue on somebody’s eyes. On the other hand, for dark blue eyeshadow it must be use with the proper matching on the color of the eyes and the color of the skin. It is actually not advisable to wear a blue shade of eyeshadows for blue eyes women. The emphasis on the eye shadow is lesser that it won’t really enhance the appearance of the user.

Dark blue eyeshadow is available in various packaging of eye shadows in the market today. The wearer can actually combine the dark blue eye shadow with other colors. It will attend as the eye lid on its crease. But if the wearer decided to use only dark blue eyeshadow, it may appear a different look. Most of gothic look use black or dark blue eye shadow. They love wearing these types of shades because it gives focus in their eyes.

Furthermore, for most women who indulge in plays or theaters, they usually wear dark make up so that their look will be noticeable until the last audience from the stage. Dark blue eyeshadow is one of the most worn shades of these theater actors and actresses. The preference of this color is much used since it is important for the audience to see what emotion they are trying to convey.

Emo or emotional look nowadays are so in, as you notice if it’s not black they use dark blue eye shadow as an alternative and finish it usually with black mascara. These passionate people always prefer dark colors because it shows what kind of people are they. Dark blue eyeshadow for example means mysterious personality. They have secrets with in themselves and prefer not to talk about it. Sometimes, you can actually recognize the kind of person through the shades of the eye shadow they are wearing

Actually, the use of dark blue eyeshadow depends on the purpose of the make up. Whether the wearer wants to have an emo look or whatever she desires. Dark blue eyeshadow is a cool shade that if you experiment matching it with other colors can create a different effect. Remember, the importance and the after effect of any eye shadows depends on what purpose the wearer wants. Uniqueness of it depends on the ingenuity of the user. Stay cool with dark blue eyeshadow!

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