Mineral eyeshadow tips

Have you heard the latest trend in make up today? They say that it was the best make up ever! As soon as I’ve heard about this make up trend, I search the shopping malls for it as well as the net for more details. So I gathered all the best things about mineral eyeshadow.

Since mineral eyeshadow comes out in the market, many have already bought their cute pots and compact and get fully satisfied with its results. Mineral eyeshadow is not like those ordinary powdered or cream eyeshadow you usually buy in shopping malls and online shops. This one has made from real vitamins and minerals which is why most dermatologist and doctors recommend this to their patients even those cosmetic surgeons advised it to their post operated patients. Since it has no other preservatives and other harsh ingredients, you can freely use it every day even if you have sensitive skin.

Mineral eyeshadow has no fragrance, oil, talc and other chemicals that may harm or irritate the skin. It has all the minerals and vitamins your skin need which can help it stay smooth and younger looking. And because of this, you will avoid having fine lines and wrinkles on your eye lids. Since mineral eyeshadow has no talc, you won’t have to worry about getting eye or skin irritations. You can freely apply and wear it all day long even if you are wearing contacts.

Mineral eyeshadow glides on smoothly on the skin. Even if you are not wearing eyeshadow primer, the colors and shades of this eyeshadow stays for hours. You can even choose from its wide array of colors and shade that will perfectly suit your skin tone and eye color. Just like the usual eyeshadow, you can also get mineral eyeshadow in mini pots and compact with mirror and eyeshadow applicator. And just like the cream version, you won’t have to worry about the powdery and messy results of it. Plus it won’t get caked and smudge as well. You will only get vibrant and harsh chemical free eyeshadow for hours.

You can easily find this in make up store in shopping malls. You’d be surprised just how many brand names and make up makers have actually made their own versions of mineral eyeshadows. Though the colors and shades as well the brand names may vary, rest assured that all of these are made from real vitamins and minerals which can promote good skin condition. You can also get the same branded name of eyeshadow through numerous make up online shops. But if I were you, I will get mine from shopping malls. This way you will be able to see the real shade and colors plus you can even run some tests on your skin.

If you want to look great and free from any skin irritation then all you need to get is this type of eyeshadow. Bear in mind that dermatologists and doctors approved its ingredients so it is safe to use even for a longer period of time.

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