Matte eyeshadow

As we all know eyeshadows can be sometimes intimidating especially to those who don’t have any idea how to apply it right or which shades and colors to wear. This concept also applies to what kind of eyeshadow they should wear. Should they opt for matte eyeshadow or shimmer eyeshadow? If you are having the same problems then this article will surely help you out.

Here are the tips you need to follow regarding when to use matte eyeshadow or shimmer eyeshadow.

Tip #1: Bear in mind that eyeshadow should bring out the true beauty of your eyes.
You should not be complimented on how you actually apply your eye shadow, but how your eyes looked like while wearing the eye make up. Both matte and shimmer eye shadows can give you the same results and drama. Just cover your lids with lighter shade then apply your matte eyeshadow just above the outer crease of your eyes. You can also add up some lighter shade of matte eyeshadow just under the brow. This will bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Tip #2: Matte eyeshadows are great shades and colors for day time.
If you love wearing eyeshadows then opt for matte eyeshadow when going out at daytime. Wear this if you are going to your office or on your school. Matte eyeshadow looks more natural and actually blend in easily on your skin while shimmer eyeshadow is great for night partying!

Tip #3: Use the right shades and colors
This concept both applies to matte eyeshadow and shimmer eyeshadow. For better results, try to match your eyecolor with the color of the dress you are wearing. Let’s say you are wearing nude shade shirt then opt for rich brown shade of matte eyeshadow. This will not only bring out the definition of your eyes but it will also bring out the beauty of your face.

Tip #4: Less is more beautiful
If you love matte eyeshadow then just go more easily on it during your day out. Matte eye color / eyeshadow look more natural when applied less. You can always deepen the shade during the night if you want. This also applies to shimmer eyeshadow.

Tip #5: Get a palette
Since there are now eye make up palettes being sold in the cosmetic shops and store both in land and online, you may now get palettes more easily. Since palettes are considered to be very versatile when it comes to eyeshadow, this must be your ultimate eyeshadow solution. Palettes offer matte eyeshadow as well as shimmer eyeshadow and you can choose from the lightest to darkest shades and colors of eyeshadows.

Follow these matte eyeshadow tips to help bring out the true beauty of your eyes now!

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