Loose eyeshadow reviews, tips&tricks

There are many ways to accessorize the eyes. You can use eye make up that consists of mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner and eye pencil. There are different kinds and styles for each eye make up accessory and choosing one style of it could tell your personality. The use of a certain color of eyeshadowe for instance could tell and show a certain aura of someone. And there are many ways how to change one’s look by dressing up the eyes since it is the first part of one’s face the other person would notice.

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The use of eyeshadow is one way to change your look. Since it covers most of the area of your eyes, you have to pay more attention to it. You have to choose the right color that complements your skin tone and eye color if you want to look beautiful. Loose eyeshadow is eyeshadow in powder form. Many people opt to wear and use this instead of the compact eyeshadow. Opting to use loose eyeshadow is actually no different than wearing the compact eyeshadow. It depends on which one is more comfortable for you. Loose eyeshadow actually came after the latter and is considered to be one of the newest innovations in the cosmetics department. Applying loose eyeshadow is a bit more difficult than opting to use the compact one because you have to make sure you don’t put on too much. You need not use a brush too. You can also use your fingers and you lightly dab it on your lids for a more natural look.

The first rule in every application is to make sure that the color you chose always matches with your skin tone and eye color. Since loose eyeshadow comes in powder form, you also have to make sure that you always close the lid on so some powder won’t be wasted. For application using your finger, do a circular motion swirl on the container to lightly coat your finger. You could also use a small narrow brush for thin line applications. If you want to use two or more shades, apply the shade with the lightest color first, starting form your eyelid up to the area under your browbone. Add the second shade in the same way as you will on the lighter shade. Also make sure that you start from the inner area of your eyelidsand then moving outward. Make use of the second application to accent your eyes.The second application is usually the darker shade.

You can also blend two loose eyeshadow colors together and still make them look like one color. This will even be a better combination. Just make sure that you blend them well and evenly.

Most people use their fingertips when applying the loose eyeshadow form. It is alright but sometimes using an applicator or a brush could also be better. It results to a neater and more blended effect on the eyelids. It doesn’t matter what you use for application, though. Just as long as it is blended well and complements you, you’re good to go.

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