Learn the basics in blending eyeshadow

Have you ever marveled how blending eyeshadow aptly can make can make you look dashing? Indeed, the correct way of eye make up application coupled with the right choice of shades or eyeshadow colors can make or break your total look. Needless to say, it’s exactly the reason why most women make it a point to apply eyeshadow or eye makeup in the most impeccable or faultless manner. I guess this is true for most of us. Women from all walks of profession and different age groups are into learning the techniques on properly applying eyeshadows. And talking about eyeshadows, I think a great many would agree that to achieve that stunning look, the greatest challenge lies in blending eyeshadow.

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But before you rush to the stores to buy that latest palette from your much loved brand, you may want to think about and learn the many ways of properly applying and blending eyeshadows. I’m quite sure that you would love to learn some techniques on eye make up application. It would maximize the use of all the great palettes that you have collected, or hoarded over the years and you might want to find out about new ways and tips that would make a refreshing new twist to blending eye shadow.

For starters, do keep in mind that the eye shadow colors or shades should match with your outfit. It would be perfectly great to have a well coordinated color scheme- that includes your make up and your clothes to have that awesome total look. Another tip is to choose colors that will bring out your eyes. There are a lot of ways to attain that eye popping effect. For example, if you have gorgeous brown eyes, blue eyeshadow would look dazzling on you. Whereas if you have striking blue eyes, neutral tones such as copper will surely work best on you. And before blending eye shadow, remember that you should generally choose two or three colors that don’t contrast, as choosing contrasting colors provides a distraction and might not look that good if blended together.

The process of blending eyeshadow is truly an art. Proper application is essential if you want to have those dramatic and beautiful eyes. First thing that you need to do is to hold down the eye lashes of one eye so that you can see the eye lid. Then dip your brush into one tone of eyeshadow and apply it to the lower edge of your eye. It’s good to know that the darkest shade or color should be applied on the lid. Next, you can dip your brush on the second color. You can apply the second shade thickly above the first color. To blend the two colors, use your fingertips to slightly rub the eye lid. Now that you’re done, you can repeat the process on the other eye lid. To complete the process and you want to make your eyebrows stand out, dip your brush into an eye shadow that matches the color of your skin. Apply this eye shadow to the area directly below your eye brows. Just follow these simple steps in blending eyeshadow and you would surely look stunning.

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