Ideas about cool eyeshadow

The use of cool eyeshadow colors gives the eyes a light and casual look. Cool eyeshadow colors could be blue, light purple and all the pastel color variations. Cool eyeshadow is best worn and applied on tired and puffy eyes to create a light and casual look. These colors can also be for everyday use because they don’t come out too strong. They also look good on almost every eye color. They can be best worn on summer days and during daytime. However, since they appear to be light colored, one must always use a base eyeshadow to avoid it from fading quite soon. The base would also prevent the eyeshadow from staying in place and for it not to appear cakey. Applying just a thin coat of base eyeshadow on the area just a little bit above your lash line until your brow bone could make your cool eyeshadow color last longer. It could even last for a whole day if you choose a reliable base eyeshadow.

The top three cool eyeshadow colors are green, purple and turquoise blue. They can also be known as summer colors. Many people opt to choose these colors to always be on the safe side. These colors look good on almost any skin color. These colors are not only versatile but they also look classy and are sure to catch attention in a positive way. They also look funky and sophisticated at the same time.

Eyeshadow brands such as Urban Decay, MAC and Maybelline Eye Studio have cool eyeshadow with a variety of colors. You could try the Urban Decay Purple Haze and the Maybelline Eye Studio Duos in teal. The MAC eyeshadow in Humid is also a good color to try on.

Try choosing cool eyeshadow colors and make sure that they match your eye color and skin tone too. You have to consider this to avoid looking weird. Basic eye colors are brown, blue, black and green. There are also certain colors that match with them. Usually, same colors go together. For instance, if you have blue eyes, you could try applying blue eyeshadow. A green shade also goes well with green eyes. Choosing the same color shade with your eyes brings out your bright color. Thus, it gives a brightening effect on your eyes. You could also try mixing same family colors for a fun effect.

You could try using the Maybelline Cool Effect Eye Shadow. It comes in a small tube and in a variety of colors to choose from. You could choose your favorite cool eyeshadow colors of this brand and try mastering this application by using your fingertips. It only takes a little practice to do so. This product is actually special because it leaves a cooling effect after application on the eyelids. It won’t only make you look cool and light but it will also make you feel cool on your eyes. Maybelline Eye Shadow Palette is also a good choice to buy. There are a number of cool eyeshadow colors to choose from and you can mix them together.

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