How to make eyeshadow

Have you heard about the tips on how to make eyeshadow? Did you know that this particular eye make up will not only make your eyes stand out but can also bring out the true definitions of your eyes? If you are looking for more details and ways to make your eyes more attractive and beautiful, then this article will surely change the easy you look! You will surely make every guy’s head turn!

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Have you ever wondered how to make eyeshadow look more appealing and attractive in your eyes? If so then you’d better get these amazing tips and details that will surely help you out. The first thing you need to do in order to attain the results you want is you determine what exactly the color of your eyes is. If you will only determine the exact color of your eyes, you will then be able to get the perfect shades and colors of eyeshadow that will bring out the true beauty and definitions of your eyes. If you are blue eyed then you’d better stick to grays and pinks. If you are brown eyed, then choose purples, violets and deep blue shades of eyeshadow. If you are green eyed go for rusty browns and red, plums and reddish brown shade of eye make up. Now if you are hazel eyed then opt for shades of greens, shades of gold, browns, turquoise and even for pinks. If you will match the color and shade of eyeshadow to your eyes, then you will surely bring out the true beauty of your eyes. But if you are daring and more adventurous, then try to mix and match colors to get amazing results!

You don’t have to be a professional make up artist just to learn how to make eyeshadow bring out the true appeals of your eyes. There are many free tutorials in the net which will help you get great ideas on how to apply eye make up just like those professional make up artists! You don’t even have to buy expensive eye make up to get the best results. The key here is how you apply the eye make up. There are also magazines and even book about make up that will surely help you apply your eye make up the right ways. In these resources, you will also get to learn what shade and colors of eyeshadow you should wear during the day and during the night. This is very important so as you will not look garish and out of place. Never use any dark and smoky eyeshadows during the day especially if you are only going to school or workplace. People will probably think you are a lost Goth! Wear matte and nude eye make up during the night. Save up those smoky and glimmering eyeshadows during your night out.

These tips will surely answer all your questions on how to make eyeshadows appear more beautiful and attractive in your eyes.

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