How to apply purple eyeshadow

Did you know that one of the best shades of eyeshadow for smokey eyes is purple eyeshadow? You can wear this shade even during the day without looking out of place. So I gathered below all the details you need to know on how to apply purple eyeshadow.

If you know how to apply purple eyeshadow then you have another option of shade which can give you smokey eyes. This shade is great for those women with brown, hazel and even those with brown with specks of green eyes. Even women who have green eyes will look very beautiful in this shade as it will bring their eyes more dramatic and attractive. This shade of eyeshadow can make your eyes stand out and be the center of attraction.

Here are the simple ways on how to apply purple eyeshadow.

1. Make sure to apply eyeshadow primer. As we all know primer will make the color stays for hours without the worries of getting it caked and smudged. If you do not have primer then a concealer or a foundation will do just fine.

2. Apply the lightest shade of purple on your eyelid up until to your browbone. Choose a silvery lilac for this one. Use this shade as your base color. Don’t forget to blend it very well. Then apply the medium shade of purple eyeshadow on your eyelid up until just above your browbone. For this part you can choose a medium shade of lilac. Do not forget again to blend this shade with the first shade you applied on your browbone.

3. Then apply the deepest shade of purple on the socket of your eyes. As you blend it, make a rainbow like shape on your eye lids. Blend it well so as to remove the visible crease line.

4. Next is to line your upper and lower lids with nice deep violet or gray eyeliner. This will even make the purple eyeshadow to stand out more in your eyes. Plus these two shades go well together. Using your sponge tip eye make up brush, blend it on your eyelid creating softer and smoky effects on your eyes.

5. Now to finish off your purple smoky look, apply two coats of black mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes.

6. Clean your eye area with a huge face brush.

These simple and basic steps on how to apply purple eyeshadow can also be read in magazine and other resources of eye make tutorial. You can also find videos about this in the net.Getting the sexy look you want with purple eyeshadow has never been this easy and fun! So try and practice this and apply purple eyeshadow on your next date.

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