How to apply blue eyeshadow

Honestly I do my make up myself. My mom often asked me to do her make up each time she needs to attend some special events such as weddings and conventions. I love the colorful palette of eye make up which is why today I’m sharing with you my personal style of applying blue eyeshadow.

They often said that blue eyeshadow is only suitable for blue eyed women. Once I tried it (as I’m a brown eyed girl) and the result was amazing. It not made my eyes appear bigger but it made my Asian eyes brighter. The only trick in wearing this shade of eye make up is to find the right shade that will work best on your skin tone and eye color. Below are some tips on how to apply blue eyeshadow that will work best even on Asian eyes like me.

Here are the simple tricks you need to learn to make your eyes stand out.

Things you’ll need:

Good quality eyeshadow brushes
A duo or trio of the shade you like (light blue, medium dark blue, dark blue)

Here are the tricks:

1. Before you start experimenting with this shade of eye make up, it is important to know that this particular shade will not suit everyone. Blue eye make up will only suit fair or very dark skinned women. It will also compliment women with platinum or brown hair color. It also adds up great effects on brown and gray eyed women. If you are blond and blue eyed, don’t worry, you can still blue eye make up, just be sure that you will not apply the make up too close to the color of your eyes. Pick something lighter or darker instead.

2. Now if you can never find the perfect shade of blue that will compliment your skin, fret not. You can still wear something jewel tone this season. If you have green or brown eyes then lilacs and purples will surely make your eyes stand out. It can also compliment those olive or dark skinned women.

3. Blending is the secret. It is important to use a good quality eye make up brushes. The riches shade of eye make up should be applied on the lids. Then use a lighter or softer shade with upward strokes until the brow bone. If you have a lighter shade of make up such as gold or taupe, you can apply this just below your eye brow. Do not forget to blend. You may apply lighter or darker shade on your lids, whichever you prefer will do well just don’t forget to blend to create a softer and crease free line look.

4. Always keep your blush on and lipstick light. You can also use a sheer colored lipstick or lip gloss if you prefer.

Now that you have learned how to apply blue eyeshadow, you can now make your eyes stand out wherever you go.

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