Hip eyeshadow

Eye shadows complement one of our facial assets, the eyes. Eye shadows can make a person stunningly attractive, which is why women indulge so much on make ups. With a brush, cover your eyelid up to the brow bone with your selected lightest eye shadow. Apply the medium color on top of the base and the dark color above it. Blend well the outer end of the eyelid where the two colors meet. Do it in circular motion to erase to lines. HIP eyeshadow is a type of eye shadow formulated with high intensity pigments, thus it’s called HIP. It is a product of L’Oreal, one of world’s renowned cosmetics companies from Paris. In a small mirrored compact, this eyeshadow comes in duos, including an applicator sponge. The two-sided pigment colors are as rich and bright as it appeared on the outside. When combined, the shadow is smooth and shimmery. Examples of the duos are Blazen—half magenta pink, half brown; and Gunmetal—half metallic greenish taupe, half deep forest emerald. Most duos are unique and dramatic! For those who want a natural look, few options are available for HIP eyeshadow. These duos are Dynamic, Shady, Flare and Saucy. They have light browns, tans and grays.

HIP eye shadows can stay throughout the day. No need to retouch the shadow every now and then. Just thicken the shadow application when going out for the night. The HIP eyeshadow does not smudge or fade easily.

Other HIP eye shadow colors may not exactly fit your taste or mood at the moment.Take time to experiment with the colors and shades. The textures of each eye shadow are different too. Some are metallic or silky while some are matte, but these shadows are all concentrated. It will be fun mixing and matching the colors using different techniques depending on your preferred look. There are also helpful YouTube video tutorials for HIP eye shadows. When you have 6 or more HIP eye shadow duos, another practical way to enjoy them is transferring them to a clear palette and labeling every duo as it is. To depot the eye shadow duos, heat up the pan container using a candle and wedge out the shadows separately using the tip of a knife.
The quality of L’Oreal HIP eye shadow is often compared with M.A.C. eye shadow. HIP eyeshadow is cheaper than M.A.C. eye shadow and can be bought at drugstores or Walmart, though a bit pricey than other brands of eye shadows. Nevertheless, HIP eyeshadow is the perfect alternative for M.A.C.

Only $7.99 online, the L’Oreal HIP eye shadow is a good investment. It has great pigment quality, less expensive than M.A.C., long lasting, and crease resistant, with wide arrays of colors to choose from. The whole collection of eye shadow consists of 20 duos. Try swatches on your hand from testers in stores to be sure what duos you will always wear that flatters your complexion and eye color. Enjoy various HIP eye shadow duos at such affordable cost.

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