Great eyeshadow styles for you

The eyes are a person’s best asset. Whenever you meet someone new and engage in a conversation with her, you look into her eyes. Feelings of a person are sometimes reflected in her eyes. This is the reason why many people say that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Even in card games like poker, some players wear sunglasses to cover their eyes from revealing their feelings or to keep them from being transparent. They might lose the game if they allow their opponents to see their eyes. The eyes are a major take away of emotions and feelings someone is experiencing. They don’t lie. They are also the first parts of your face that could right away be noticed.

With these, most women ‘dress their eyes up’, to make a good impression and to make them look more attractive. They do these by putting eye make up such as mascara, eye pencil eyeliner and eye shadow. Eyeliner emphasizes the shape of someone’s eyes, also enhancing it. The eye pencil traces the edges around eyes to make them look bigger and smaller. Eye shadows are applied on lids to give the eyes a great effect. Eye shadows are the most important things to have when ‘dressing the eyes up.’ They give the wearer a certain effect of personality and style.

There are many eyeshadow styles that are being considered in wearing eye shadow. They vary from one person to another because it usually depends on the personality of the wearer. There are different eye shadow styles to be followed on different occasions. For breakfast and lunch dates or meetings, you must follow the light and casual eye shadow style. You should wear light and neutral eye make up. It mustn’t be too heavy. It must only enhance the shape and contours of your eyes. The eye shadow style for night occasions can be the heavy and can be a more enhanced style. You could choose to darken your eye shadow shade and even have the ‘smoky eyes’ look. It all depends on the event or occasion you are expected at. Just don’t show up looking bare. You may look like you don’t give a care. For casual days, you can use any shade that matches the color of your outfit. Eyeshadow styles are standard but it all depends on you too. As long as you know how to carry your look, you’re fine. It’s always better to have your own eye shadow style, though. There are different eyeshadow styles online. You can visit ‘youtube’ for tutorials or you can get random ideas there that you could use to enhance your style. Be bold in choosing the shades and colors for your eyes. Match them with your outfit and accessorize. Always look good and feel good inside even if it’s hard to especially on days when you feel like sulking and just cursing.

Smile. Dress up your eyes. All the good things you feel from within will definitely show in your eyes.

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