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If you say that eyeshadow colors matters, then I will for sure agree to that. It indeed matter the most because our eyes is the focal point in doing make up thus the perfect choice of eyeshadow color should be taken into consideration. Two things that you have think through when choosing an eye shadow color is first the color of your eyes and second your skin tone. Bear in mind that your eyes will for sure stand out if you pick the right eyeshadow color that suit you best. Well, you’re lucky enough that you’ve been able to access this article. It will for sure benefit you in your daily make up routine.

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Make up Artist Robert Jones has generated a chart that will help you select shades that are best for your eyes. He first put the blue eyes in his chart. The blue color is like the color of the ocean thus the best eyeshadow color suitable for it would be colors like rich warm brown, warm mushrooms and soft peaches. For women with green and hazel eyes, perfect eyeshadow color would be golden browns, deep purples, soft peaches, soft violets and like in blue warm taupe or the mushroom color. For grey eyes on the other hand would be charcoal, cool brown and purple. But better watch out for brown eyes women, you are so lucky enough that you can wear any eye shadow color you want. No wonder that Asian woman doesn’t have difficulty in choosing eyeshadow colors.

It is undeniably correct that eye shadow colors matter, but don’t you know that another key on having the best eye make up is correct blending of colors? Yes! You read it right, right blending of color and knowledge in applying the eyeshadow will help you a lot in beautifying yourself. These are just actually additional information but for sure benefit you as well. Going back to what matters the most, of course what I mean is the eyeshadow color. Whenever you pick eye shadow colors for your skin tone, go natural! It is always safe to stick to subtle colors. If you have a fair complexion then you better stay away from dark colors. For dark skinned women, never ever use white or light colors. Look instead for eyeshadows that are deep with colors.

In the future, if you can choose the correct eyeshadow color according to your skin tone, then this article attests that is indeed very helpful. The fact that it can unleash the artistic side of the reader is a great proof. We cannot just say that it’s just colors and it doesn’t matter at all. That is a big no! Eyeshadow colors matters the most. It is actually not applicable for eye shadow alone. But it also applies for lipsticks and even blush on. Everything in the world needs color. If you are putting color on something then you are putting life on that thing. Hopefully you enjoyed what you just read and for sure you will agree that eyeshadow colors indeed matters!

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