Gold eyeshadow tips

Have you heard about the latest and hottest make up trend amongst supermodels and actresses? They are talking about just how great gold eyeshadow is! Sounds interesting? Then get all the details below…

Gold eyeshadow is the latest and hottest make up trend today because you can actually wear in all throughout the year without looking harsh or out of place. You can even wear it during your day and night out without looking like you slam your face down on some glittery gold dust on your way home! Gold eyeshadow also comes in powdered and cream version. It does not matter whether you choose powder or cream as both of these will glide on smoothly on your lids. You can easily blend in gold eyeshadow with bronze and black to make sexy and seductive smoky eyes. You can also wear it alone to help pop out your eyes. Most women wear this shade of eyeshadow with a neutral shade of lipstick and look stunning and glamorous.

It is important that you learn how to apply and choose the perfect shade of gold for your eyes. Remember that eye make up should help bring out the beauty of your eyes and not make it look dull and lifeless. You can either wear gold eyeshadow to add up more flair and drama on your eyes or you can wear it in simple way just to make your eyes appear and look sparkling. Gold tones come in different shades such as from bright to airy to dark and bronzy.

It is also important to find the perfect shade of gold eyeshadow that will complement your skin tone. Dark skinned women especially those with olive skinned tone should wear the bright shade of this eye make up to make heir skin glows even more. For fair skinned women, they should opt for something dark and bronzy. This will surely add up more drama on their eyes as it creates the smoky glow and effects. Bear in mind that not all skin tone will goes well with dark or bright shade of gold eyeshadow, so make sure to talk to the girl on the make up counter to be sure that you are only going to get the best deal.

If you want to get more details about eyeshadow palettes then you can always check online shopping sites to read and get all the product description, features, pics and images and even those helpful and useful customers’ reviews. You can also get the same gold eyeshadow online on land shopping malls. From there you can actually get to use their trial product and see if it will fit your skin tone or not. So get your gold eyeshadow now and see great and attractive eyes with just a few strokes!

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