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Eyeshadow cosmetics are basically used to make the eyes stand out, and that’s by bringing out its natural color. From lash line to brow bone and from tear duct corner to outer lid sums up the whole area of concentration.

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Eyeshadow cosmetics already existed way back in Ancient Egypt. The practice of Ancient Egyptians for make-up was popular. Egyptians used make-up for decorative, medicinal, and spiritual purposes. Both Egyptian men and women wore make-up. Egyptians believed that eye make-up offered psychic protection. Darker eyes ward off the Evil eye, and please the gods. Eye shadow cosmetics were then used to encircle the eye making it look almond-shaped. Colors green and black are widely worn, to symbolize fertility and rebirth. Color green was made out of malachite, an oxide of copper. Kohl is a black dye composed of ash, lead, ochre, burnt almonds, oxidized copper, and copper ores. Mesdemet is dark grey made from a sulfide of lead or galena, and is often prescribed for assorted eye complaints. Kohl and Mesdemet are also used as disinfectants and insect repellants.

While other exotic cosmetics such as lip paints, rouges and nail polishes, the eyeshadow cosmetics were perhaps the most important and considered to be a status symbol.
The ancient Egyptian art of outlining the eyes with pigment to create an almond or feline shape, was adopted by Greeks and Romans, and now by modern society. Greeks, however only used cosmetics to improve their beauty, while Romans merged new cosmetic formulas and produced aphrodisiacs. Nonetheless, the Egyptian eye shadow cosmetics truly earned a permanent spot in history for beauty and cosmetics.

In the world of eye shadow cosmetics, there are different types of eye shadow. These are sheer eye shadow, shimmer eye shadow, cream eye shadow, matte eye shadow and liquid eyeshadow.

Sheer eyeshadow is ideal for all types of skin. Sheer eye shadow gives a tint of color. It appears darker in the container than on the eyelid so make sure to add coating. Shimmer eye shadow is perfect for a sexy and sophisticated look. It is also a good choice to brighten your tiring eyes. For oily skin, use a water resistant cream shadow as a base, thus it keeps your shimmer color in place throughout the day.

Cream eye shadow is used for a glossy look. The lid cover should be kept closed tightly to avoid it from drying out. It is very handy, no need of an applicator tool or brush, simply tap the shadow on your lid and blend it using your finger. Its creamy texture is great for dry or normal skin. Matte eye shadow is commonly used for a dramatic look using strong and bold colors, and best for evenings. Matte eye shadow is highly concentrated with pigment. Liquid eyeshadow is frequently used as a base for powdered eye shadow. Liquid eye shadows don’t usually come in wide array of colors, are difficult to find, and not suitable for oily skin. It is a good choice if you want a shimmering look, though.

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