Eyeshadow Primer

I recently went to the mall to buy some new make up which I’m going to use on my brother’s wedding day. I need a new foundation, new shade of lipstick and some eyeshadow. I’m actually planning of wearing my eyes smokey. Since there are lots of cheap priced make up in the mall, I wonder if I will get those cheap ones or treat myself some expensive ones. So I went to the cosmetic aisle and one of the friendly sales lady approached me asked me if she could be of any help. I said I was looking for some new foundation, lipstick and some eyeshadow. She showed me her booth and gave me all the thing I need then she motioned me to sit for awhile. She said that she will show me how to do my eye make up.

So here are the things I learned from her.

She said that it is advisable to wear or apply eyeshadow primer or concealer first on your eyelids before you apply your eyeshadow. Eye primer will not make your eye make up to last long but it can also prevent the powder from getting caked and smudges. You can either use a concealer applicator or a primer applicator to apply the primer. She even suggested some great brand name of eyeshadow primer such as:

MAC Prep+ Eyes
Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion
Aromaleigh Eye shadow Primer and Base
L’Oréal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base

Since I’m already a mom and I’m also already 30, I usually apply two shades of eyeshadow on my eyes and then blend it all together to achieve the results I want. The friendly saleslady suggested that I can still add up eyeliner and one coat of mascara to help my eyes stand out.

If you think you need some help when it comes to applying eye make up, you can always rely on the web epically in YouTube wherein you find numerous videos which discuss about how to apply the right shade of eye make up. You will be able to learn that it is also important that you apply some layer of primer eyeshadow or concealer on your lids to help the eye make up stays for hours.

Make up artists and even those who do their own make up normally use primer eyeshadow. Just look how great those models are each time they walk down the catwalk. Their eyes stand out and this is because they apply first some primer eyeshadow on their lids before they add up some colors on it.

This primer is a necessary eye make up you should have on your make up kit. This will be your base on your lids. You can always go to the mall and find the perfect primer that will not only make your eye make up nicer but will also keep your eye make up from any smudges and from getting caked. Remember that it is always great to apply some primer first before you apply your color choice of eyeshadow.

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