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In make-up, the most crucial part is on how to make the eyes perfect for the look you want to achieve. The eyes play a great role in the over-all look of a make-up. Thus, choosing the right kind of eye shadow is necessary. The basic thing to do when applying eye shadow is to start using a light colored base. It is then followed by the color that will most complement the eyes. But most often, outlining of the eyes is the most important part in eye shadow application. An eyeshadow pencil is the key to outline of the eyes for a perfect finish. Shading the lids, lining the eyes and highlighting them may come in handy with an eyeshadow pencil.

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Different ways can be experimented in using an eyeshadow pencil. For smaller eyes, draw a dark line gradually thickening at the outer edge of the eyes. Appropriate colors to use are light colored Eyeshadow pencil like gold, silver and white. Don’t forget to draw below the lower lash line. For deep-set eyes use a pale shimmer eye shadow pencil to line the upper lash and a gray or neutral color eyeshadow pencil to line the lower lash. This will create a look of a less heavy lid. For close-set eyes, use a dark colored eyeshadow pencil to line the upper lid then use a lighter color in the inner eye to widen the space between the eyes.

When should you go for the regular eye shadow and when should you use eyeshadow pencil? If you want to color your eyes and the area covered should be wide, go for the regular eye shadow. But in outlining and highlighting the eyes, use an eyeshadow pencil. To enhance the natural beauty of your eye make-up, determine the shape of your eyelid. The shape of your eyes determines what part of the eyes needs to be emphasized. The amount of visible eyelid tells whether to line or shade your eyes. If lesser eyelid is seen, line the upper lid to create larger eyes and emphasize the size of your eyes. When you have prominent eyelids, shade the eyes with a lighter hue to create smaller eyes.

Knowing what eye make-up is suited for you take many tries to come up with your goal. There are four things to remember in applying eye make-up, first, base should be neutral in color and by neutral it does not only mean any shades of brown, it can also be gray, gold, blue, vanilla, pale purple or olive as long as it is in the appropriate shade. Second, the main color should accentuate the eyes. Third, lighter shades are for highlighting and fourth, darker shades are for emphasizing. To enhance the natural shape of the eyes, highlighting and shading are the techniques. Neutral shades are effective in using these techniques. Always that light colors advance or make the eyes look larger while dark colors recede making the eyes look smaller. In achieving your desired look, it is important that eye make up should be applied in a way that works with light and dark and keeping the shape of the eyelids in mind.

Overall, an eyeshadow pencil is a woman’s best friend 🙂

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