Eyeshadow Make Up: Amazing Tips For You!

Do you love eye make up? Do you know how to create the perfect results? If not then this article will surely help you get started.

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If you love to go out and party then you need to know how to do your own eye make up since going to the salon will surely costs you a lot. You can freely buy palettes and brushes from shopping malls and online shops and starts having your own eye make up salon. But it is very important that you know some of the eyeshadow make up tips so as to get the results you want from your eye make up. So to help you out, I gathered all the tips you need regarding eyeshadow make up.

Here are your eyeshadow make up tips:

1. Always use a primer
Eyeshadow primer is your only weapon to make the color of your eye make up stays on your lids for hours and also to prevent your eyeshadow to get caked and smudge. Usually this may costs you a little but it is very useful so you get your money’s worth. But if you can’t afford to get one then your concealer or foundation will do the trick as well.

2. Use an eyeshadow brush
One of the many eyeshadow make up tips you need to follow is to use an eye make up brush such as a sponge tip eye make up brush or the angled one when applying eyeshadow. This will help you control the pigments of the eye make up. If you want to make your eyeshadow appears darker and deeper, then you need to dip the brush first on the water before you smudge it on the pots of eyeshadow and then apply it on your eyelids.

3. Cream and powder eyeshadow are both great choices
As we all know eyeshadow comes in powder and cream form. To help stays the brightness of your eye color for hours or even for days, why not try mixing cream and powder eyeshadows together. Apply first the cream one but see to it that you apply it in thin layer so as to avoid creasing later and then follow it with powder eyeshadow as usual.

Another eyeshadow make up tip you need to remember is that never wear dark or smoky eyes during your day out or people might end up thinking you are the lost sister of Witch from the West! Go for more natural and nude look during the day and wear those smoky and mysterious eye make up during your night out.

If you want to achieve the look you want, all you need is to follow these simple eyeshadow make up tips and soon you will see great results.

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