Eyeshadow Ideas

Makeup is one of the best weapons a girl has. A girl who wish to perfect makeup application should first start with the eyes. Why? Eye makeup can be tricky to figure out because there are a lot of colors and textures to choose from. To help you with this, here are some eyeshadow ideas.

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Natural eye makeup will look great every day. If you apply it correctly, you won’t even look like you have makeup on. Natural eye makeup can accentuate the eyes and make it look a little more alert and fresh. When it comes to color choices, this will vary according on skin tone and hair color. So, it’s best that you go for something will look natural on you such as browns, peaches and ivory shadows. Then, you can use a darker shade in the crease of your eyes. A slightly lighter tone can be used on your brow bone then finish it up with a soft brown eyeliner and mascara.

Smoky eyes

If you want a sexy and mysterious look for a night out or an evening date with your special someone, go for smoky eyes effect. A lot of women find dark colors intimidating and unnatural but what they don’t realize is that they are very easy to apply. Dark shades of eyeshadow can make your eyes pop put and look larger. This kind of makeup should be reserved during daytime or evening events where you need to look more glamorous. Get yourself a medium gray shade, a dark charcoal shade and a lighter highlight color. Also, use shimmery or matte colors for this. Before you start application, make sure that you have brushed your eyelids with translucent powder or a special makeup primer.


How to do smoky eyes:


  1. Sweep the medium gray tone over the entire eyelid.
  2. Use the darker color on the crease of the eyelid to bring it further out to the outer edges.
  3. Use a little bit of the lighter color to highlight the brow bones.
  4. Apply black mascara and a smudgy liner.


It is always important that you get to know which eye shadow colors work best for you. There are some people that match their eyeshadow color to their clothes which is often, a poor choice. The best rule is to coordinate your eye makeup to your eye color. You should know that there are many different shades that complement different colored eyes.

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