Eyeshadow for hazel eyes

If you are one of the many hazel eyed women having problems on which color and shade of eyeshadow to use then you’d better read this article before you risk putting too much eye make up (wrong choice of shade and colors) which may only end you up looking outdated and garish at the same time. Now who wants to look that way?

But did you know that there are lots of colors and shades of eyeshadow for hazel eyes that will not only bring out the true beauty of the eyes but will also deepen its definition and color. The only key to this is how you will apply the perfect shade and colors of eyeshadows that will not leave the eyes looking garish. Hazel is one of the most unique eye color you can possess which is why once you have this eye color, you are very fortunate as you can add up more drama on your eyes without looking outdated. This eye color is very versatile when it comes to eyeshadow but did you know that even those shades and colors of eyeshadows that often work well with women with blue and green eyes can actually suit hazel colored eyes women as well? Believe me, it actually works!

Women with lovely hazel colored eyes will definitely look stunning and gorgeous in neutral colors such as brown. Most hazel-eyed women have tried and found that brown-based shades of eyeshadow actually give them a fail-proof, gorgeous and stunning look every time they wear this shade of eyeshadow. Another color of eyeshadow hazel eyed women can easily wear but will surely get more drama on their eyes is Pink. Pink is also considered to be a member of the brown family, though only a few women know and realize it. Using a girlish and feminine shade of pink eyeshadow, especially during the spring time or in the winter when you desire to look and appear more sun kissed or snow kissed and irresistibly rosy, this shade will surely help to play up and bring out the color in your eyes just as dramatically as you would in your rosy cheeks. Shades and colors such as cream, beige, and taupe are also considered to be a must have neutral shades and colors of eyeshadow for hazel eyes. Even the shades and colors of gray and black can also really make hazel eyes pop and add up more drama and flair; just be careful not to overdo these dark and sexy colors for daytime or you might end up looking garish and outdated. Add up more of these shades when going out on a night date.
So if you want to look great, then these eyeshadows for hazel eyes are your solutions!

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