Eyeshadow for green eyes

In the fashion world, you have to be abreast of the current trends. You have to know what’s in and what’s out and best of all, you have to learn how to mix, match and carry your look. You can’t be too overconfident, though. It ruins everything. You just have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and be able to blend along. In this article we’ll cover the topic of eyeshadow for green eyes.

Fashion has evolved from classic to radical to vintage and gothic over time. Today, fashion trends are dynamic. They sometimes change monthly and at times weekly. So in the fashion world, there is no such thing as ‘out of date’ anymore. What was worn years and decades back are being revived now and what used to be ‘unfashionable,’ are the current fashionable ones now.

In the cosmetics world however, there are certain rules you have to consider if you want to look good especially in the eye department. The eyes are the first things the other person looks into when meeting for the first time. Any hideous effect on them would be totally noticeable.

Cosmetics for the eyes include mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. These cosmetics are applied depending on the color of eyes one have. For instance, eye shadow for green eyes depends on the shade of green one has. There are different kinds of shades of green. It might be light green, dark green, turquoise green or forest green. You have to determine what shade your eyes are first. Just in case you really couldn’t, you can try to experiment on the eye shadow for green eyes that looks best.

Many colors would actually look great on green but the best eye shadow for green eyes is those with the shades of brown. Chocolate tone shades are actually more preferable. The use of copper, dark green and gold highlights would also look great on them.

Eyeshadow for green eyes can also be worn together with apricot and taupes as highlights. Copper and gold gives you a glamorous effect and make you look all set up for a big event or party. Really dark green eyes look good on deep purple tones. Plums and metallics also look great on those pair.

Eye Shadow for green eyes must not consider blue colors. Don’t use light blues or dark blues or those colors that have purple undertones. This would make you look weird. Another color to be avoided is also silver. It only looks best for blue eyes and not for green. Don’t also use pink eye shadow for your green eyes. These colors do not blend together.

If using eyeliner, chocolate brown or grey would really look on green eyes. White and gold eyeliner will make eyes look bigger. Always prefer colors that appear warm against cold tones and don’t forget to wear mascara.

Here are also a few tips in applying eyes make up.

1. Cover entire eyes with highlighter.
2. Apply apricot or taupe eye shadow on lids.
3. When applying eye shadow, you have to start from the middle of the eyelid by applying it from the eyelash until the creased area then mix colors.’

Consider these tips and you will have great effect on your green eyes.

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