Eyeshadow for blue eyes

Do you love to apply eyeshadow? Are you blue eyed? If so then blue eyeshadow will suit you best. This will not only make your eyes appear more appealing and attractive but it will help stand out the natural blue shade of it.

Blue eyeshadow on blue eyes are pretty straightforward. The trick on this is to know which colors will suit your blue eyes and from there you can now choose more colors that will help compliment the color of your eyeshadow. Did you know that women have the ability to choose the perfect colors that will compliment the color of their eyes? Just because there are so called ‘suggested colors’ does not mean you don’t have to try and experiment other shades.

Perfect Shades for Blue Eyed Women

There are actually lots of shades that will perfectly suit every woman with blue eyes. These shades are icy pink, silver, gold and even violet. You can also expand your selection and pick some shades such as taupe, shades of purples such as lavender and even gray.

If you want to try something different on your eye make up, something that will make it more attractive, then try to apply a darker or brighter shade of blue. You probably have heard a lot of bad things about eyeshadow in shade of blue on blue eyed women but why not try and see for yourself. Applying this shade will make your eyes appear more attractive and it will really make the color of your eyes stand out.

You can also try turquoise if you are eyes have a speck of green on them. You can also try mint green. A bright shade of pink such as fuchsia pink is also a great choice. And if you really want to wear something sexy and daring during your night out then you can always mix these colors with black or dark gray. This eye make up is suitable during nightwear.

Now here is the application tips you need to make your eye make stand out.

1. Apply a silver eyeshadow on from your eyelashes to your eyebrows.
2. Then apply some shade of violet such as lavender just above the crease. Make sure to blend the shades together so there will be no visible distinct line.
3. Line you eyes with black or charcoal eyeliner and then apply a single coat of mascara.

You can adjust the shades you want from the selections of colors I stated above. It is best to try which one will work best and will look great on you. Remember that the role of eye make up is to make your eyes stand out not cover it and make it dull and lifeless looking. If you are still not sure what shade to try, you can always buy some beauty magazines and check online sites for tutorials. Just be sure to wear the right shade during the day and night. Lighter shade of eye make up is best on day time while dark and seductive shades will look great on you during your night out.

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