Eyeshadow Designs

Eyeshadow designs can boost your looks. How? For example, if your eyes are too close together you can form the illusion of wider spaced eyes with the use of an eye shadow and you can do this up to your nose bridge. You can also make your eyes look more substantial, lighter and more eye-catching. These designs can optimize your eye color, your clothing choices and even your mood.

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There are three types of eyeshadow color: neutral, warm and cool. Your hair color and the color of your eyes should be considered when it comes to eyeshadow designs and you must first prioritize is your clothing style and individual skin. Neutrals are the most flexbible because this usually includes the color brown, muted gray, soft taupe and ivory. Such colors are used to concentrate and emphasize the bone composition near your eyes. Also, you can use these colors to put emphasis on the form and balance of your own fabulous eyes. A little highlighter just beneath the brow bone will add more touch.

If you wish to use some warm colors such as terra-cotta, softer browns, olive green and gold, then you will definitely look great. However, if you have gloomy eyes, you can use colors like amber, brown or even hazel and you may notice that these shades will enhance your eyes. Don’t forget to bring out any gold flecks in amber.

Now, for cool colors such as blues, lighter greens and all the lavenders. Silver and darker gray are also part of the cool palette and if you have blue or green eyes, and most of your clothes in your closet can reflect your choice for cool tones, you will do great if you let your make up style show such colors. You can also emphasize your blue eues by covering your lids evenly with cool complementary colors like baby blue, periwinkle blue or turquoise.

These eyeshadow designs will help you a lot especially if you’re just a beginner on these things. You will find that these designs can emphasize your beauty more and can make your eyes pop out the way you want them to.

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