Eye Shadow Ideas You Never Thought Of

These eye shadow ideas will make your eyes look even more beautiful. There are a lot of ideas when it comes to eye shadows and this will help you make the right choice and to pick up some tips. Eye makeup is one of the most important aspects of makeup, eyes are the first ones to get noticed and we can speak with our eyes without opening out mouths. Eye shadows add depth to the eye giving it a dimension.

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Here are some eye shadow ideas that can help you make your eyes look even more gorgeous!

Choose the right eye shadow – this is very important because a wrong shade can ruin the whole makeup. The eye shadow shades depend on the colour of the skin in the eyes and also make sure that the eye shadow will go accordingly to your skin tone.

For Hazel eyes – soft peaches, light violets and golden browns will work best. Solid mauve are said to be the best eye shadows for those who have hazel eyes, so why don’t you try it?

For brown eyes – cream and taupe will work best if you’re going for a casual look. If you are choosing a brown eye shadow, it must be a shade darker than your eye colour. Royal blue, pink and purple will work best if you are going for a party look.

For Blue eyes – never use eye shadows that are exactly the colour of your eyes, since this will make your eyes duller. Never use blue eye shadows if you have blue eyes. Gray, violet, taupe, camel, charcoal or dark brown will be the best colours for you. Silver, gold, turquoise will work best if you will be out partying.

For green eyes – deep purple, brown, taupe and khaki for casual look and gold and bright purple for a funkier look. Avoid the colour white, pink and silver.

Always remember that if the eye shadow is lighter than your eye colour it will give a natural look in your eyes while if the eye shadow is darker than your eye colour, it will give a dramatic look. Women with brown eyes can go with any kind of eye shadows and it won’t look disastrous on them.  You can also choose from cream, powder or pencil to use as your eye shadow or if you don’t have much time to apply eye shadows but you cannot simply go out without it, eye shadow stickers will do the trick.

These eye shadow ideas will help you on what colours of eye shadows you should get that will go with your eye colour. Eye shadow ideas are really helpful and useful to all the women out there who are struggling with their eye shadow makeup and can’t seem to find the perfect shade.

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