Everything you want to know about glitter eyeshadow

If you think glitter eyeshadow is just for little girls, think again? Did you know that glitter eyeshadow will not help make your face looks stunning and attractive but it can also make your eyes stand out? In this article you will learn how to apply glitter eyeshadow that will surely make your feature stand out.

You can wear glitter eyeshadow without the worries of looking like a human disco ball. This kind of eye make up is great during your night out and night parties. But make sure that you will not overdo it or they might think you are an actual human disco ball. So I gathered below the basic steps you need to know and learn on how to apply glitter eyeshadow.

Things you will need:

Gel-based white or translucent eye shadow
Face cleanser
Powdered glitter eyeshadow
Soft washcloth
Foundation (optional)

Here are the steps:

Step #1: The first thing you need to do is to clean your face thoroughly. Wash it with a mild cleanser or if you have soft cloth, then use this to clean the areas on your nose and mouth. This will remove dead skin cells which may make the make up smudges

Step #2: Apply your foundation and eyeshadow primer. Foundation and eyeshadow primer will help your glitter eyeshadow to stays in place without the worries of getting it smudge. But if you do not have any eyeshadow primer then a concealer will do the trick.

Step #3: Now apply the gel-based white or translucent eyeshadow on the upper part area on your eyelids. Cover your whole eyelids with it up until the browbone. Don’t worry this eye make up will not visible as it will only helps the glitter eyeshadow to stays in place for hours without smudging and getting it caked.

Step #4: Let the gel-based white or translucent eyeshadow dry for one minute before you apply the glitter eye make up. Since this is gel-based, it will be moist and sticky on the first minute you apply it on your eye lids. Make sure not to apply the glitter eyeshadow at once or you will only make your eye make up to smudge and caked.

Step #5: Next step is once the gel-based white eyeshadow is dry; you may now apply the glitter eyeshadow on your lids. Make sure to apply it and cover half of your eyelids. Do not go near the eyes or you will end up looking like a beady eyed disco ball! You may extend the colors on the outer part of your eyelids but do not overdo it or this may not bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Glitter eyeshadow should be carefully applied on the eyes so as not to outshine the true features of your face. You can read and even watch free make up tutorial that will surely help you out learn the craft of applying eye make up like a pro! So go and learn this simple glitter eye make up steps now!

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